Time Travel? Mike Tyson Footage Seems To Show Audience Member Recording With Smartphone

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  1. If I was a time traveler I think I would have a HELL of a LOT better technology then that! lol!!
    I know that there is a LOT of strange stuff going on in the world and a LOT of it is true, BUT this is one of those you just have to think about it for a minuet and then realize HOW STUPID this article is. First of all the Smart Phone technology that they are showing came out in 2005 that is only 10 years old. Hmm lets see… I have enough technology to travel through time and space but my form of communication is a cell phone from 2005?? GOOD LORD even my 4 year old grandson would put more thought into it then that, lololol
    I think someone is trying to make us believe they have more power than they really do Hmmm…

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