Long Lost Ancient Manuscript Details The Rise Of Islam, The Anti-Christ And The End

The ancient manuscript believed to have been made in Lübeck, German was written around 1486 and 1488. It is considered as one the first maps describing the state of the world between 639 and 1514. The ancient manuscript mentions the rise of Islam, speaks about the Antichrist and the Judgement Day.

The manuscript composed entirely in Latin, describes apocalyptic maps, speaks of the Antichrist and the Rise of Islam, following the Judgment Day on Earth. However, the author predicted it all would occur by 1651.

While the author of the ancient manuscript remains a mystery, researchers today speculate that it could have been written by a well-educated doctor referred to as ‘Baptista.’ Interestingly the ancient text mentions astrological medicine which is considered by researchers as being way ahead of its time.

According to reports from National Geographic, the 15th-century apocalypse ‘map of hell’ mas composed in  Lübeck, Germany and is currently located in the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. The ancient manuscript begins with a prophecy map describing the state of the world around 639 until 1514. In the manuscript, the author drew a circle the Earth, and water surrounds pie wedges which are believed to represent Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The writer of the eery document warns of the rise of Islam and how it is a growing threat to the Christian world.

‘There’s no way to escape it, this work is very anti-Islamic,’ Van Duzer, the author of ‘Apocalyptic Cartography,’ said.

‘It is unfortunate, but it was a widespread bias in that place and time.’

A description of the Last Judgment, Resurrection, and renewal of the Earth. The small, featureless globe at the bottom represents the Earth after the Last Judgment. THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY

A description of the Last Judgment, Resurrection, and renewal of the Earth. The small, featureless globe at the bottom represents the Earth after the Last Judgment. THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY

The apocalyptic manuscript describes in another map, the ‘Sword of Islam’ and how it conquers Europe making its way to the rest of the world. The ancient manuscript contains five words placed inside a circle which is meant to represent the planet; each one is labeled: ‘It corrects,’ ‘It reforms,’ ‘It crushes’ and ‘to Rome.’ A fifth sword was left blank by the author.

Around the doomsday image, a text in Latin describes the events set to occur from 1515 to 1570. In addition to the rise of Islam, another map in the manuscript describes the rise of the Antichrist between 1570 to 1600, represented by triangles in the map.

The author illustrated the events by drawing four massive horns reaching to the ends of the Earth, meant to illustrate four different was the Antichrist would convince people to follow him: deceit, cunning, cruelty and imitation of Deity, or in other words pretending to be the Christian God. Following the rise of Islam and the rise of the Antichrist, another account describes a post-apocalyptic era with the law and flag of Christ, located at the center of the world from 1606 to 1661.

A text found on the right side of the map translates: ‘It will be raised and worshiped throughout the world.’ Van Duzer believes that this indicates the unification of the world under Christs rule. Making reference to Judgment day, the author of the ancient text depicted the mouth of hell opening, the gates of Paradise above with Jesus and the Apostles centered in the heavens.

Interestingly the author included the distance to Paradise: 777 German miles from  Lübeck to Jerusalem with another 1000 miles to the eastern end of the Earth. The author also calculated circumference’s of Earth and Hell suggesting 8,000 and 6,100 German miles. However, the ancient apocalyptic manuscript not only speaks about events that should have occurred centuries ago, but it also includes a list of astrological medicine and an interesting thesis on geography, considered by mainstream researchers as an extraordinary achievement ahead of its time.

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