Hail Stones The Size Of Baseballs Rain Down In Baise, China


Huge rocks of hail cascaded from the heavens, crashing into the ground and water around the yelling men in Baise, China.

Luckily the fishermen came prepared – it being monsoon season – sporting big umbrellas to guard them from the missiles.

Although it’s uncertain whether they would be able to withstand too much pelting with hail of that force.

At that size and speed, the hailstones could easily cause serious injury.

Huge hailstones the size of tennis balls batter fishermen

PELTED: The fishermen hope to avoid a beating from the hail stones

The water – where they were enjoying a day’s fishing – splashes from impact as it would from a brick being tossed into it.

To make things worse, a loud thunderous bang was heard in the distance ushering in the start of a major storm.

It’s unclear how long the hazardous hailstones fell for but a car can be seen in shot and presumably they made it to the vehicle at some point.

The UK was battered with hail earlier this year but nothing quite of this scale

Original Article:http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/514955/Huge-hailstones-batter-fishermen

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