Intricate Cave System Discovered After Huge Sinkhole Opens On Billionaire’s Golf Course

A man who made his fortune from fishing tackle has discovered a complex cave system underneath the golf course he owns following the opening of a massive sinkhole.

Billionaire Johnny Morris, who has amassed a £3 billion fortune from his Bass Pro Shops, opened the Top of the Rock Golf Course in 2014 but nearly had to close it following the appearance of the hole a year later.

But rather than fill in the hole on the grounds on the Ozarks mountain range in Missouri, the 68-year-old businessman decided to explore.

Discovery: The cave came to light after a sinkhole appeared on the golf course (AP)

Untouched: Morris realised the hole opened up into an intricate network of caves (AP)

The cave enthusiast had previously discovered a cave on his grounds in 1993, which he dubbed ‘John L’s Cave’ – and the sinkhole on the golf course seemed to be part of it.

Water from a pond drained through the hole and a worker near John L’s Cave said he saw a torrent of water pouring down through it.

Morris said: “So I knew there was a connection. And that’s when we started to dig.”


Costly: The fishing tackle magnate is spending money on exploring the cave (AP)


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