Obama Releases Demon Video Of Himself

President Mocks Christians With Demon Video

(TRUNEWS)  President Barack Hussein Obama, also known as Barry Soetoro, this past Saturday spoke at the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner.  The dinner is always considered a light jokes and political jobs on both sides of the aisle prevalent.

In addition to a number of questionable remarks by the host Larry Wilmore, including calling the sitting leader of the free world a ‘n*gga’, the President himself got in on the action with some video spoofs.  One included a retirement video of the President and former House speaker John Boehner lounging around discussing retirement.

It’s ANOTHER video that has many Christians asking some questions.

In the following clip, watch as the President of the United States is transformed into a demonic figure via an iPhone:

What is the President trying to communicate in this video?  Is he simply mocking those that have accused him of anti-Christ positions, or is he revealing something deeper?  Either way, believers should take offense at his portrayal of one of Satan’s minions.

president obama demon

President Obama is transformed into a demonic figure in a video from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner

The President has often been at odds with Christians over policies of abortion on demand, religious freedom, and most recently, gay marriage.  In a recent visit to the UK,  Obama said laws recently passed in two U.S. states seen as restricting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights are wrong, and sought to assure Britons that they would be received warmly if they visited the states.

“The people of North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people, they are hospitable people. … And you are wrong, you should come and enjoy yourselves,” Obama said at a news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron when asked about a travel warning issued by the British Foreign Office to LGBT travelers.

“I also think that the laws that are passed there are wrong and should be overturned,” Obama said.

Original Article: http://www.trunews.com/president-mocks-christians-demon-video/#rKELyBUAm2eTcxfz.99

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