Nuclear Experts: Multiple Cases Of ‘Gargantuanism’ Reported At Fukushima

According to experts in Japan, a large number of cases involving ‘gargantuanism’ have been reported in animals and plants close to the Fukushima nuclear plant. 

In an interview with Coast to Coast, Arnie Gunderson, a nuclear engineer who visited the disaster zone in Japan, says that scientists have detected “a lot of cases in the vegetables of something called gargantuanism. Shows up in the second generation and especially the third.”

In the video below, Linda Moulton Howe (reporter) says:

“Remember when [Arnie Gundersen] was referencing the gargantuanism — it appears to be increasing, as he said, in the third generation of plants. And who knows what’s going to happen in the fourth, fifth, and so forth.

The trauma of seeing these gigantic… there is a photograph of this, what they call ‘gargantuan strawberry’ in Fukushima Prefecture… [There] is a gigantic beet — it is almost as big as the upper part of the man trying to hold the big beet.

And then [there] is something that several people have reported in different parts of Fukushima — where trees of, in this case, it’s a photograph of [leaves] from two species of maple.

And it shows a contrast from what a normal leaf should look like, to one that is, gosh, three times bigger. And they’re seeing more and more of this — people are reporting more and more of these abnormalities in the trees in the surroundings.”

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