FEMA Prepares For Something Big Says Insider -‘Major Stress/Separation At Fault Lines’

earth cracked

INTELLIHUB — Youtuber Tom Lupshu met with a retired Army Col. and others, including geologists, seismologists and scientists, Sunday, to hear out their concerns about a newly predicted wave, caliber, of natural disasters expected to strike the planet.

Shockingly, one of the speakers at the meeting had a family member who worked for FEMA and decided to relay the information he had been given to attendees of the meeting. According to Lipshu, the man said that FEMA is “expecting an escalation in natural disasters like never recorded in history.”

“They are very concerned at this point in time about losing critical infrastructure, certain parts […] as far as water,” and so on,” Lipshu said.

Lipshu also said that geologists, seismologists and scientists were are dumbfounded to what “is causing a major strain on the fault lines.”

“They are saying that they are very concerned about this time about water weight,” Lipshu said. Lipshu said that they are concerned about the weight near coastlines and are even preparing for “a major separation of land mass” possibly near the New Madrid Fault.

According to Lipshu, the “stress in the air” at the meeting was “thick”, and that the experts all agreed that earthquake swarms will likely increase and possibly contribute to a mega-quake at one point. “[…] All of these changes are happening very rapidly” and quakes over the size of 7.0 may become the norm.

Additionally, information regarding Yellowstone on the USGS website is being hidden and “censored” and is no longer catalogued in realtime.

Relief efforts are being planned and FEMA is “setting up through Ohio, all the way down […] West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi.” Additional relief efforts are being planned near, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado, down to New Mexico.

Lipshu recommends being prepared to survive for “months off-grid.”

It is important to point out that the U.S. Government already has contracts in place with at least 3 countries that would allow displaced Americans to take shelter, refuge, in case a major natural disaster, such as the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, were to occur. These plans, contracts, were put into place some years ago and run for a 10-year period which started in 2014.

Original Article:https://www.intellihub.com/fema-prepares-big-insider-fault-lines-separation-land-mass/

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