Woman Spits Blood During Exorcism

A woman apparently possessed by a demon writhes and seems to spit blood in this disturbing footage showing a supposed exorcism .

The young woman’s limbs are contorted at strange angles, and a red liquid can be seen running down her chin and staining her t-shirt in this video posted to YouTube under the title ‘Devil possession’.

She is attended by several men who put their hands on her shoulders, then order her in Spanish to stand up. She had been sat inside a chalked or spray-painted icon, next a second prone woman, on what appears to be a beach.

Once shakily to her feet, a shirtless man barks further orders and the woman appears to hit herself, before shouting unintelligibly.

YouTube/oswaldo garzon Woman spitting blood as 'demons are exorcised from her'
Woman spitting blood as ‘demons are exorcised from her’

The man takes hold of the woman’s wrists and shakes her arms up and down.

A short while later the woman straightens, and the group applauds.

YouTube/oswaldo garzon Woman spitting blood as 'demons are exorcised from her'
Woman spitting blood as ‘demons are exorcised from her’

Last year a huge boom in demand for exorcisms was reported which some put down to Pope Francis’ frequent references to the devil.

The Catholic Church convened an exorcism conference and trained more priests in the dark art.

This trend was apparently strong in Latin America, mirroring the Pope’s Argentinian heritage.

Mexican priest Father Cesare Truqui told the Daily Telegraph: “Pope Francis talks about the Devil all the time and that has certainly raised awareness about exorcisms.”

“But all Latin Americans have this sensibility – for them, the existence of the Devil is part of their faith.”

And a supposed informal exorcism the Pope performed on a Mexican parishioner only heightened demand, according to a scholar writing for the Catholic Herald.

Original Article:http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/woman-spits-blood-exorcists-battle-7774049

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