In Biblical Display Blood-Red Nile River Seen From Space

Nile River Turning Blood Red, Seen From Space

It looks like a Biblical scene — the Nile River is seen from above, turning a deep blood red. In fact, the sight is not something out of the Old Testament but instead a satellite image captured by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-3A satellite. The red coloring indicates the location of vegetation, according to an ESA press release.

The Sentinel-3A orbits the Earth providing data the planet’s oceans, land, ice, and atmosphere to better understand large-scale global dynamics. The satellite’s Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLTR) measures energy that radiates from the surface. This energy is measured in nine spectral bands that include visible and infrared.

The satellite will provide “near-real time” information on ocean and weather forecasting.

The overarching goal is to monitor wildfires, offer a clearer understanding of vegetation, chart the depth of rivers and lakes, and offer a comprehensive map of the land use.

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