Times Square Evacuated, Bomb Squad After Suspicious Package Found

Times Square Photo

Even as our nation’s Capitol was on lockdown following a shooting this afternoon, New York’s Times Square was evacuated as the NYPD respond to a suspicious package.

Via Breaking 911:

The NYPD was responding to a suspicious package near the Marriot Marquee in Times Square Monday.

The scene is at West 45 St and Broadway, MN.

Most if not all of Times Square was closed off with police tape.

The bomb squad was on scene.

Our friends at WZ bring us this image, captured by NY traffic cam:

Times Square

Yes, you ask, what is happening in this country? This Twitter user sums it up:

Times square tweet

At this point, it’s unclear whether these two incidents occurring this afternoon are at all related — beyond the fact that with the world on fire, extra extreme caution must be taken with these threats.


The “all clear” has now been given for Times Square.

In a sign of just how (rightfully) on edge the world is, here’s what the ‘suspicious package’ turned out to be:

Times Square litter

Sadly, this is where we are now, with a leader who chooses political correctness over our nation’s security.

Original Article:http://www.allenbwest.com/2016/03/breaking-times-square-evacuated-bomb-squad-on-site/

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