Georgia Guidestones: The Commandments Of The New Age

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  1. Until the Guide Stones Mein Kampf was the standard of written psychopath evil fully ignoring respect for human life, a licence for genocide… In many democratic countries this book was forbidden to be sold. Aware of the inconsistency when democratic values forbidding the spread of ‘ideas’, I feel democracy does imply values against its counterpart, and thereby indeed considering at least a level of censorship…
    Becoming cynical, we now witness that Hilter did not well enough by only eliminating the estimated 6 million.
    Now we witness that elimination up to 95% of the world population is to strive for… by far exceeding what Hitler did.
    How can it be that those stone are still there ?
    What does this tell about the State of Georgia, the USA, and the american people ?
    it tells they must be shameless
    It tells as well, that the USA is no democracy, that their elections are part of Hollywood, and it explains also how it can be that the USA for decades could have presidents not serving the population, but a few elites, alike in a fascist state, and that the awareness, courage, and resistance for better is due to a lack of the people… for allowing this. Allowing it to be fooled, stolen, deprived, killed, …

    Not different from what the Germans told after WW2 about what was going on with the concentration camps by saying “We had no clue”
    Indeed,, having those stones still in Georgia is telling exactly the same. The amercan people are so ignorant stupid, lethargic, occupied with themselves, and such victim of the system as well.. that these stones have more too say then their minds could do

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