Pork Banned From Nursing Home So As Not To Offend Muslim Staff Members

Care home patient and bacon

A watchdog found that the care home in Bradford would not allow patients to have bacon for breakfast

They also refused to help their clients buy pork pies, the Care Quality Commission said following an inspection.

Bradford Council was ordered to improve services at its Wagtail Close home for disabled people after inspectors said care workers restricted patients’ right of choice and denied their personal dietary preferences.

Pork pie

Staff also refused to help patients buy pork pies

The ban on pork products – which also included ham and sausages – was reported to the inquiry team.

The person said they had raised their concern with senior staff members but nothing had been done about it

The report

The report said: “Staff were not providing support that was responsive to the person’s preferences and were restricting the person’s right to choice.

“The person said they had raised their concern with senior staff members but nothing had been done about it.”

The home caters for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and brain injury.

Care home patient

The report found that care workers were restricting the patients’ right to choice

Inspectors also found training was outdated and that there was no system to overview accidents.

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “There has recently been a change in the registered management arrangements at Wagtail.

Bacon sandiwch

The local council’s improvement plan will attempt to address the issues

“An improvement plan has been drawn up which will urgently address the issues raised by the recent CQC inspection.

“All Wagtail Close care staff have been reminded that their own lifestyles and cultural preferences should never influence the person-centred support they provide to service users.”

Original Article:http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/653122/Muslim-staff-Bradford-bacon-pork-care-home

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