1000 year Old Cave Temple Complex Opens To Public

China’s history is long and rich known for its abundance of art and culture.

Evidence has shown that this long history spans all the way back to prehistoric times.

Every year there are more amazing archaeological discoveries made about this ancient and mystic land.

The most recent discovery is a temple which is believed to have been erected during the the 7th century Tang Dynasty.

The rise of the Tang dynasty in China mirrored the rise of the Han over 800 years earlier.

Like the Han dynasty before them, the Tang dynasty was created after the fall of a ruthless leadership.

And like the Han before them, the Tang dynasty had their own powerful leader, Emperor Tai-tsung.

The decision was made for the cave to be opened to the public for the first time in a 1,000 years.

The cave was sealed to protect the precious contents inside and to preserve the history found within its walls.

The temple’s grand opening took place on March 10th.

This remarkable temple is made up of a astonishing 2,300 caves which are all connected in this magical place.

As if the enormity of the cave wasn’t mind boggling enough, it is also believed to possess 110,000 statues and artifacts in its depths.

Historians were able to date which dynasty by the artwork they discovered.

Sadly, many of the caves were damaged from China’s Cultural Revolution that took place between 1966 and 1976.


The Fall of the Golden Age – The Tang Dynasty

However through tireless work and dedication, many of the caves have been restored and are almost ready for the public to view.

Original Article:http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2016/03/a-1000-years-in-the-making-secret-cave-revealed-to-public-video-and-photos-2814705.html


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