A Nation Without God: William Murray Warns Of Utopian Agenda In US

bill murray

(TRUNEWS) The U.S. is headed toward Utopianism. That is the warning William Murray is giving to Americans during this 2016 election season.

Murray is the head of Religious Freedom Coalition and author of “Utopian Road to Hell”.  He was the subject of the Supreme Court case Murray v. Curlett which banned prayer in public schools. His mother,  Madelyn Murray OHair claimed his rights were being violated.


O’Hair was known as an atheist. But Murray said she was really a Marxist.

He claims her reason for wanting prayer out of schools was because she believed religion held up capitalism, which she hated. If religion and the Church were destroyed, capitalism would be destroyed and then she, and other people as “intelligent as her”, could create a perfect world.

Murray said atheism was just a “side thing” to his mother, and that she only started talking about atheism when she started making millions off of it.

He compared her to George Soros – a billionaire socialist.

Murray believes most people, including conservatives, do not understand that there is a communist movement in the country.

“They really don’t understand the variety of how you can actually have an elected body that winds up being central planners,” he said.

Most people don’t understand the motives of Obama. He claims Obama doesn’t hate America but is corrupted with the “magic think” – believing he can create a better nation with central planning and redistribution.

“He honestly believes this insanity along with a lot of other people in Congress,” he said.

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Original Article: http://www.trunews.com/william-murray-warns-of-utopian-agenda-in-america/#LUQIX1FMo8oPW4SJ.99


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