Children’s Cartoon Tells Young Girls ‘Not Wearing Hijab Brings You Closer To Satan’

In an educational video for Qatari children, a mother tells her daughter that if she doesn’t wear a hijab, she’s denying Allah and growing closer to Satan.

“The hijab, my daughter, is a natural thing for the Muslim woman,” The mother tells her small child.

“The Prophet Muhammad ordered us to wear it, so anyone who abides by this is being obedient to Allah and his Prophet, and she gets many rewards. As for someone who does not wear the hijab, revealing parts of her body, like her hair, her arms, her neck or her legs—she is closer to Satan and denying Allah, the All Merciful. A Muslim woman must wear the hijab, and must not wear just any item of clothing she sees in the market. Islamic clothes have special requisites,” the mother says.

What’s more is the video is actually an educational game, walking the daughter through the requirements of selecting a hijab and what is considered acceptable for Muslim women and girls.

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