Satanic Ritual Killings On The Rise

Police have warned that a number of recent murders could be the result of satanic ritual killings in which the victim hopes to be reborn as a vampire .

The murder of a 24-year-old man has led cops to believe he was the victim of a vampire cult killing.

Edwin Juarez Palma was allegedly strangled, beaten and cut with a broken bottle at the cyber cafe in the northern city of Chihuahua, Mexico.

He had his hands tied up and was beaten and attacked with glass bottles before his death , designed to ‘transform him into a vampire’.

This comes as a leading exorcist warned these type of killings are on the rise in non-Christian countries.

Jofa-Atelier Berlin-Johannisthal The head of Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, the director of Nosferatu, has been stolen from his grave near Berlin
Classic vampire: Max Schreck’s iconic rendering of the troubled bloodsucker

Father José Antonio Fortea said: “The vampire fad is something that’s very close to Satanism.”

He said: “[The fad] is not just a taste for darkness, but rather a taste for evil, an aesthetic connected to an entire way of looking at life.”

“Vampire-ism totally amounts to devil worship.”

The father added that these killings are cropping up in secular societies.

He added: “The more a society abandons the ways of God, the more cases of Satanism. The more a nation is Christian, there are fewer cases of devil worship.”

Three men and one woman aged 18-25 were arrested for the death of the young man, called Edwin Miguel Juárez Palma, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Google Chihuahua, Mexico
Scene: Chihuahua, Mexico

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They reportedly told police they “profess Satanism” and chose the victim for “an initiation rite”, reported Catholic News Agency.

The group said he would be initiated into the sect called ‘Sons of Baphomet 1,’ unaware he himself would be the ‘sacrifice’.

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Local media quoted the director general of the State Police, Pablo Rocha Acosta, as saying that he asked to participate in the initiation so he could “resurrect as a vampire.”

In May 2015, Father Fortea ordered a mass exorcism of the entire country of Mexico in order to block evil spirits from getting through.

He said though that this would not work on people who are already ‘morally degraded’.


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