Island Appears Overnight In California Lake And It Moves

Residents of Watsonville, California were surprised to see that an island had suddenly appeared overnight in the town’s Pinto Lake and, making the emergence even weirder, it was moving!

“I went to go get my camera, came back a couple hours later and it was gone,” one neighbor who spotted the island after it first appeared marveled to KSBW in California.

Others living in the area were also amazed by the previously unseen island that was moving throughout the lake.

An environmental official with the town suggested that the half-acre island had broken off from the nearby shore due to a powerful storm.

Aside from providing a puzzling sight for those who spot it, officials are hoping that the vegetation on the floating island can provide a natural aide in their attempts to solve a toxic algae infestation in the lake.

The impromptu island may not float around the lake for too long as town officials intend to anchor it if it does not eventually take root.

Until then, though, residents of Watsonville can enjoy their ‘disappearing’ island for a little while longer.

And, should any brave soul venture to the island and encounter a smoke monster, polar bears, or a mysterious hatch, we suggest they return to the mainland as soon as possible.

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