Symbolism: One World Trade Center Entrance To Be Guarded By Winged Oculus

It is with no surprise that we now see that the rebuilt One World Trade Center will have, as its most potent symbol, a huge winged creature with razor-sharp talons with it’s haunches up in a position ready to attack. Welcome to Oculus.

$4B One World Trade Center Transportation Hub Oculus nearly set to open for 250,000 daily PATH commuters

In the New World Order, symbolism is everything. The attack on 9/11 was not just on an American city, but on our greatest city. It was not carried out by any terror group, it was carried out by Muslims. It’s aftermath led to the greatest loss of American freedoms in our history in the form of the Patriot Act. All these events were used to send us out messages on the coming global realignment that has since taken place. But they needed one more symbol to make the picture complete.


It is with no surprise that we now see that the rebuilt World Trade Center will have, as its most potent symbol, a huge winged creature with razor-sharp talons with it’s haunches up in a position ready to attack. Welcome to Oculus.


The Hub features an “Oculus” design, which will give the facility a distinctive, wing-like appearance. When completed, the “Oculus,” the upper portion of the Transportation Hub, will serve as the main concourse. Incorporating 225,000 square feet of exciting, multi-level retail and restaurant space along all concourses, the Hub promises to be a destination location, becoming the centerpiece for the entire Lower Manhattan district.


It is also very interesting to note that Facebook billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, is spending some of those billions on a Virtual Reality device which, coincidentally, is also called Oculus. It is also interesting to note that there is no fanfare planned for the grand opening in March. They will just quietly open it’s doors. It’s not being promoted as a triumph, it is sneaking in the back door.

Some look at Oculus as the closed version of the All-Seeing Eye from ancient Egypt.

A bony “closed eye” structure dubbed Oculus has been erected over the rebuilt World Trade Center transportation hub that overlooks the new Ground Zero. At a cost well over budget of $4 billion, Oculus is the “neo-futuristic” design of architect Santiago Calatrava.

The Oculus has been referred to as a “living creature”:

“It’s changing its behavior as it gets more and more completed, Mr. Heintges (a facade consultant on Oculus) told NYT. “It’s like a living creature. It’s evolving, it’s morphing, because it’s receiving a skin.”

Across the middle of the eye is a 355-foot-long operable skylight. The eye is normally closed, and it only “opens” once a year on a very specific day and for a very specific amount of time.

Via The New York Times:

Each Sept. 11, the skylight will be opened to the elements for 102 minutes, Erica Dumas, a spokeswoman for the authority, said. That is how long the 2001 terrorist attack lasted, from the time the first jetliner hit the trade center at 8:46 a.m. until the collapse of the second tower at 10:28 a.m.

(The thing itself was creepy enough before we learned it was even called “Oculus.” Reading this continues to give me chills.)

A living eye that remains closed year round except on 9/11…

However you view 9/11, the original Twin Towers, a true symbol of America, were stunningly pulled down and replaced with a global vision of America. A global vision carefully crafted by the New World Order, infused with symbolism, and hiding in plain sight under the wings of Oculus. Are you awake enough to recognize the future when it is presented to you? Out of all the ways they could have made this new transportation hub, why use  an angry, white, talon-tipped bird of prey? I think these are questions you should take the time to research and answer for yourself. Oh, and one more question…

Are you ready for what comes next?

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