Desperate Hoax: ‘KKK’ Trump Supporters Were Black

KKK hoax Nevada Trump

Donald Trump’s critics tried to pass off fake Ku Klux Klan members as his supporters on social media Tuesday night. A closer look at the images reveal the so-called white supremacists were black.

Almost 50 percent of Nevada caucus-goers gave the Republican hopeful an easy victory on Tuesday night, but not before a bizarre attempt at character assassination by black citizens in KKK garb. Not all of the photos shared on social media showed the color of their skin, which was taken advantage of by Trump’s detractors.

“KKK in parking lot of Cimarron HS during Republican caucus. They keep saying take our country back. I have never ever seen this in Las Vegas. I’m speechless,” an Instagram user identified as ceddyc01 wrote.

“So, friends of mine observed this at a Republican caucus location this evening. I’ll admit, I’m boiling right now,” added Nevada State Senate Minority Leader Aaron D. Ford, a Democrat.

“Donald Trump is encouraging is encouraging racism in America again. It’s absolutely despicable to see this type of behavior,” local Ryan Hendricks told KTNV 13 on Tuesday. “There’s a chance they could have been mocking Trump.”

The ABC affiliate said police arrived at the Las Vegas high school and stayed until the individuals left.
It wasn’t until pictures began surfacing that clearly showed the individuals were black that Ford and others moderated their messages.

“[I’m] pretty sure those are what liberal plants look like,” said Todd Kron on Twitter.

“Come on… Since when are KKK black Nevada-folks? BLM trolls,” a user identified as Christian wrestling added, the Blaze reported.

Aaron Ford Twitter

Ford responded to fierce backlash by posting an extended message on his Facebook page on Monday.

“Some have wondered – even contended – that those in the photos were black, and not white. While that may be important to some, it is a distinction without a difference to me. In my view, anyone engaging in what was observed yesterday deserves to be exposed, and that was the exact purpose of my post,” Ford said.

“With all due respect senator, you didn’t expose them as fakes,” Twitter user Jerald Rowlett countered after a similar message by Ford on Tuesday night.
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