Students Given ‘Convert To Islam’ Homework

Students at Les Beaucamp High School in Guernsey, located in the Channel Islands and supported by the British government, were given a homework assignment requiring them to explain to their parents why they were converting to Islam, and expressing their hope for acceptance.

As the Express reported, the teacher, Amber Stables, said to students in her written directions: “Focus: How would it make you feel having to tell your parents this? How would/could they react?”

She then added this disclaimer to the assignment: “YOU ARE NOT ACTUALLY CONVERTING TO ISLAM. It is purely to test your knowledge of what we have learnt this year and how well you can argue objectively!!!!”

But the assignment ignited a firestorm, especially as it came just a few months after officials learned Islamists were trying to take over several area schools and drive out staffers who weren’t of the Muslim belief.

Then, the Express reported, students were told to sing: “This is their fight, spread Islam now, prove they’re right.”

And domestically, just a month later, students in Minnesota were taught to sing a song about Ramadan at a Christmas concert, while those in Virginia were assigned a task requiring them to write the Islamic declaration of faith in Arabic.

Original Article:

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