Floating Survival Shelters Won’t Capsize, Rise Above Flood Water

As water levels rise around the world, and climate change brings potential rough waters… it is comforting to know your family can be safe if you had to escape the driving force of a flood or tsunami.  This compact floating life raft is your best chance at survival.


It is you against the threat of a massive water flood.  Do you run? But run where? Water’s a vicious mistress and as any sailor will tell you… a mean one when she’s angry.

The Duckweed Survival House is designed to give refuge during the storm.

The alarming pace of rising sea levels has inspired designers Zhou Ying and Niu Yuntao to create a floating emergency shelter that could save lives during floods and tsunamis. This enclosed floating shelter protects people from large waves while trying to get to safety.

The Safety Features

Never Capsize – “The Duckweed Survival House has been designed to remain upright no matter how rough the waves are beneath it.

Quick Set-up – “After being removed from its storage bag, it can be quickly inflated via its built-in high-pressure carbon dioxide gas chamber.

Fresh Air – “An air vent on the roof of the shelter allows the intake of fresh air. An underwater stem, containing the gas tank at its base, offers a stabilising function and also a filtration function.

Fresh Water – “Reverse osmosis film near the base of the stem admit and convert sea water to fresh drinking water, which the passengers can access through an inlet in the floor.

Safety in Numbers – “The square-based survival houses can be tethered together, increasing their stability, visibility and resistance to the effects of wind and waves.

Easy to Spot – “Fluorescent markers on the exterior allow rescuers to locate the shelters easily at night.” -re-dot-21.com

Just grab your emergency food supply and you and your family would be safe from the most vicious water disaster.

The design won the 2015 Red Dot award and promises to be life-changing in times of need. – minds.com



Can We Buy The Pod Yet?

No… not yet. The project is in development.  But because the design won The Red Dot Award, it does hint that we should look for these to be available in the near future.


source – minds.com, redot21.com, inhabit.com

Original Article:http://www.ewao.com/a/these-floating-survival-shelters-rise-above-flood-water-filter-water-and-dont-capsize/

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