Perversion: Top Imam Tells Others To ‘Cover Your Daughters’, Even A Girl Of 6 Or 7 Can Look ‘Sexy’ To Their Fathers

Top Imam: Cover Up Your Daughters, Even a Girl of 6 or 7 Can Look ‘Sexy’ to Their Fathers

One of the key components of Islamic Jihad Denial is to deny that the Islamist political system pushes of sexuality of children. In fact, Imams frequently warn their theocratic subjects that little children can become objects of desire.

From Huda:

“At the age of four, the parents change them, they change their bottom, they give them a bath, you know? And so on, at the age of four the ‘awrah becomes a measured ‘awrah, which is a very, very strict area, that even parents should avoid looking at, which is the private parts and the behind, the bottom. Okay?”

This Imam insists that the age of four is when things can get hot and heavy between parents and children.  You must avert your eyes from a four year olds body or passion my consume you? Please let us stop both defending and importing this caveman mindset.

After years of fighting Jihad, almost no western people really know the enemy were up against and how they can work our freedoms against us.

The Imam who needs an Ice Cream Truck said:

“…a girl of 6 or 7 grows maturer and they understand, and a girl will look pretty and she will be desired.”

Desired by who? The freakish men who populate this rapefest culture that’s who. Can we cut through the lies and admit that this is not acceptable thinking in the modern world.

After months of roving rape gangs in Europe, children being raped at public pools and story after story of Islamist aggression being unleashed in Europe, is it any wonder that these men seem sexually unhinged when they are raised to believe girls at 4 to 6 years old can be sexually attractive?

The culture surrounding Islam is one of ancient tribal raiders who merged the pseudo-doctrine of the Koran with their aggressive, barbaric raider culture.

The result was an explosion of violence from 632 through the present day.

While there are Muslims who reject these teachings, western people must understand that these teachings are not fringe in the Islamic world, they are simply a faction of the Islamic mainstream.

The world must stop lying about the victim blaming culture of Islam and refuse to coddle such uncivilized ideas.

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