USGS Mistake Shows 9.9 Magnitude Earthquake In North-West California

Something very strange currently resides on the USGS past 7 days (all magnitudes) CSV feed.

Currently, the feed shows an odd false recording of a super-massive M9.9 earthquake striking “The Geysers” California near Clear Lake Volcano North of San Francisco.

usgs m9.9 feed feb 11 2016


There IS an actual URL from the USGS which populates for this supposed “earthquake”.

Nothing comes up in google search, and the page loads solid white with no information on the USGS site.

Coordinates of this non-M9.9 earthquake :

38.821499 -122.806503

Depth:  2KM

Time:  13:20:01 UTC

Date:  0/0/00  NO date given

M9.9 earthquake feb 2016


This is most likely an error in the feed , causing this earthquake to populate on apps which use the CSV feeds.

Another option is that it was a false recording from malfunctioning equipment.

And yet another option is that this was a drill of sorts, and it somehow made it on to the actual feed.

Whatever the reason is for how this earthquake appeared on the feed, several viewers were concerned something might be happening.  I don’t blame people for being worried, in light of the fact that many recent media reports are referencing this location for a mega-quake.

News just broke yesterday + today ( Feb 11 ) about a new threat of large seismic activity in the Cascadia region:

Original Article:

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