Is This It? 2.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes DIRECTLY In Yellowstone Caldera


At 2:07 PM Eastern Time, a magnitude 2.1 earthquake shook the huge caldera (mouth) of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano.  Tremors are typical, this was bigger.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake struck northwest of Yellowstone Lake, which sits pretty much in the center of the volcano’s caldera (mouth).

The map above shows the general location, but the detailed map below shows precisely where the quake took place;  “X” marks the spot:


It is important to understand how massive this volcano is.  Yelloswtone National Park is 56 MILES wide, and 84 MILES long.  The map above shows the irregular but circular caldera.  Given the size of the national park, you now understand that the mouth of this super volcano is almost half the size of Rhode Island!

According to geologists, Yellowstone erupts every 640,000 years.  They determined this by sampling soil.  Presently we are now BEYOND 640,000 years since the last major eruption.  So, in layman’s terms, it’s overdue.

The graphic below, shows the eruption fallout; it covered almost the entire western United States!  If an eruption were to take place today, that same area would again be wiped out!  Those not killed outright, would be homeless.



What powers Yellowstone is a fearsome pool of Magma underground.  The Magma Chamber is over 300 MILES wide!  When it blows, the world — literally the entire planet — is affected!


There is NO IMMINENT ERUPTION.  There has just been a relatively minor earthquake directly in the caldera.  DO NOT PANIC.  If action needs to be taken, you will be alerted by authorities well in advance.  Just stay calm and be aware.



Original Article:

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