Hackers Allegedly Hijack NASA Drone, Collect 631 Videos, 2,143 Flight Logs And Data On 2,414 Employees

Hackers Allgegedly Hijack NASA Drone, Collect 631 Videos, 2,143 Flight Logs, Data on 2,414 Employees

Ever since news broke that the NSA was collecting massive amounts of American citizens’ meta data, people within the government attempted to spin the program as one that intended to make Americans more safe, not less secure. A key aspect of that argument was that the data would not be seen by anyone unless there was reason to believe that a specific citizen was taking part in terrorist activity.

Or, if someone hacks into the NSA.

Apparently, its easier than one might think. While many would assume the NSA — the tech wing of the biggest institution in the world — is impervious to hacking, one group has claimed to have done exactly that. Info Wars has the story of the “massive breach” that took place in the skies over the NSA.

The NSA — the organization we trust, willingly or unwillingly — with all of our private data has been hacked, and Info Wars has the details of the hacked drones:

The Hack

After purchasing an “initial foothold” from a hacker with knowledge of NASA servers over two years ago, the group says it began testing how many machines it could “break into” and “root” – a term referring to an account with complete control over a computer or network.

Brute forcing an administrator’s SSH password, which reportedly only took “0.32” seconds due to the credentials being left as default, AnonSec gained further access inside – allowing them to grab even more login data with a hidden packet sniffer (tcpdump).

The hackers say while some members mapped the network, others analyzed the “different missions, airbases and aircraft” listed by the agency. Public missions like “OIB – Operation Ice Bridge” and drones such as the “Global Hawk“ were among those mentioned.

Deleting records of their presence as they hacked deeper into the agency’s system, AnonSec, who even hacked security cameras and uncovered the schematics to one base’s camera layout, then infiltrated the networks at “Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center and Dryden Flight Research Center.”

Once inside, the group says it began noticing numerous systems and networked devices “popping up in scans that were not previously visible…”

After sniffing a password belonging to the system administrator, the hackers say they were eventually able to gain full root access to three network-attached storage (NAS) devices tasked with compiling backups of aircraft flight logs.

“Now we had all 3 NAS devices automatically making copies of the logs as they are uploaded from the drones and renaming them to look like semi ordinary index files,” the group writes, mocking the system administrator responsible for protecting the data.

Hackers then attempted to crash the drone into the Atlantic Ocean, but not before they scoured the organization for all the information they could find. While the hack seems not to be directly related to the information the NSA holds about everyday Americans, it shows how penetrable their systems are, and should be cause for alarm for any American who wishes to have their data protected from unwanted eyes.

Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/hackers-allgegedly-hijack-nasa-drone-collect-631-videos-2143-flight-logs-data-2414-employees/

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