Bill Holter: You’re Witnessing The Credit System Unwind

I sat down with Bill Holter, JSMineset, to see what his research is telling him about the opening of 2016 and why the markets have been in free fall. What Bill shares should get your attention and paint a realistic picture of what is happening and why it is happening.

When a designer sits down to create a new piece they usually have an idea of how the piece is going to finish. It’s called starting with the end in mind. If we apply this concept to the “designers” of our economy we will have a much better understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. The timing is always going to be elastic as situations unfold. What was working yesterday, as part of the design, may need some attention and adjustments today, thereby, creating a longer or shorter time line.

This is what the Federal Reserve is doing right now. Making adjustments to their original design to fit the current scenario.

In 1913, the year the Federal Reserve was hatched, the end that was in mind was the theft of the nations wealth. When I say “the nations wealth” I mean, literally, everyone’s wealth transferred from the many to the few. This has been the end game starting way back when. We, this current generation of Americans, are witnessing that end. The final leg was launched in 2008 when the engineered “financial crisis” was unleashed and the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Congress and the Treasury, put into place their scheme to confiscate a massive piece of wealth from the people. The people did nothing, most barely even paid attention, and the end game was set into motion.

Between 1913 and today, there have been a great many clues, along with massive criminal operations that transferred vast sums of wealth from the many to the few. Beginning in 1933, the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with Congress and the Treasury, stole the nations gold. Executive Order 6102 was signed by FDR and the nation was ordered to turn in their gold coins, bars and anything gold in their possession. Most people, thankfully, did not turn in their gold and most of the gold that was stolen was being held in bank deposits and individual safe deposit boxes in the banks. People that allowed the banks to hold and manage their wealth, lost. I hope you’re paying attention to that last line.

The next massive transfer of wealth came in 1965 when silver was removed from U.S. coins. Dimes, quarters and half dollars all contained 90% silver and this was the basis of the actual money. That silver was then removed from the people and, once again, transferred the wealth from the many to the few.

“What’s going on has to be on purpose. There’s no one in their right mind that would put the policies into place that they have, because they are steering us into the ditch. It’s not like we’re going off the road into a ditch by mistake.” Bill Holter, The Daily Coin

That brings us to today. In 2008 we were told that unless the people of this nation stood by and allowed the Federal Reserve (which gets it’s funding through the people by way of the Treasury) were not allowed to “save the banks” and transfer tens of trillions of wealth to the banks, there would be “tanks in the street” and “martial law”. This, of course, was just another lie by the lying thieves. What we are witnessing in 2016 is the culmination of “beginning with the end in mind”.

Let’s listen to Bill Holter, JSMineset, and allow him to set the stage for the unwinding credit structure.

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