Swedish Officials Warn Of WWIII


(TRUNEWS) A top military official in Sweden is warning of World War 3.

Swedish army General Anders Brannstrom explained to his men they will probably be fighting in a war in Europe in the next few years, according to Breitbart.

He told Aftonbladet the threat of ISIS and the crisis in Ukraine are the reason he is concerned. He drew parallels between today’s issues and conditions in the 1930’s that led to World War II.

Even though Sweden remained neutral during the war, Brannstrom does not believe that will be the case if another conflict erupts.

worldwar3This comes as the former head of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense predicted to Breitbart that Muslim terrorists would soon begin attacks along the coast of southern Europe by boat, and may target areas like Malta and the Greek Islands.

Greece is aware of the problem of extremists coming to Europe and has asked the European Union for help. But they have only sent 6 ships, which is far short of the 28 requested by Greek officials, according to Sputnik.  All this is happening as the EU accuses Greece of not keeping tabs on refugees, as reported by TRUNEWS https://www.trunews.com/?p=67891
Original Article: https://www.trunews.com/sweden-officials-warn-of-world-war-3/#2XWEsVKHBP6ZHl04.99

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