Mini-Tsunami Hits Washington State As Multiple Volcanoes Erupt Simultaneously; Planets Are Aligning- Do You Have Eyes To See?

Despite the fact that our planet Earth is now going through massive changes, you’d likely not know a thing was going on besides a massive weather event unless you read local news websites or alternative news as we learned today of a ‘mini-tsunami’ that took place in the state of Washington (yes, right here in America!) as seen in the the 2nd video below. We also learned two of the largest and most deadly volcanoes in the world erupted simultaneously, and at the same time as 5 planets moved into alignment as shared by The Kev Baker Show in the 1st video below.

Is it only a coincidence that these two deadly volcanoes in Russia and Indonesia have erupted simultaneously, and that it happened at the same time as 5 planets moving into alignment? As we learn in this story from EarthSky, the planets of Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter began an alignment on January 20th that will last for approximately a month. Is there more to this than we’re being told?


The mere fact that ‘Joe Creek’, where the Washington state mini-tsunami just occurred, sits on the same ‘Ring of Fire’ as the two volcanoes that recently erupted should clearly give one pause for concern. The fact that tsunami buoys in the Pacific Ocean are also simultaneously going into event mode causes more concern. From King 5 in Western Washington.:

Ocean Shores firefighter Brian Ritter said he has never before seen the ocean behave the way it did that day.

“Multiple people were rolled and injured by this very fast surge,” he said. “These waves pack huge logs and debris traveling at dangerous speeds, causing major traumatic injuries.”

Ritter said people should pay attention to warnings and signage.

“Stay off coastal beaches during high surf warnings,” he said. “Watch from afar. Mother Nature is unforgiving.”

Screenshot_from_2016-01-21_211603.jpg Screenshot_from_2016-01-21_211613.jpg

The Mount Egon volcano in Indonesia and the Zhupanovsky volcano in Russia, though far apart geographically, both sit on the ‘Ring of Fire’ and the eruptions have caused mass evacuations and shot hot ash five miles high into the sky we learn. Is this another sign we’re about to witness something historical with a massive buildup of magma along the ‘Ring of Fire’ in preparation of something greater?

These are truly historical times we are now living in and with the recent discovery of a new planet in our solar system as shared in more detail in the 3rd video below, we see signs such as ocean buoys going into event mode off of the coasts of Alaska and Mexico in the Pacific Ocean as seen in the screenshots above as more signs ‘something is getting ready to pop’. The fact that emergency planners are feverishly preparing for a killer quake in that region tells us all that we should need to know.

As military helicopters ferry search and rescue teams over the Pacific Northwest, below them are scenes of devastation from a giant earthquake that could strike the region at any time.

Tsunami waters surge through coastal communities. Buildings, bridges and roads lie in ruins. Fires burn out of control. Survivors are stranded on rooftops, cling to floating debris or are trapped inside wrecked buildings.

Seismologists say a full rupture of a 650-mile-long offshore fault running from Northern California to British Columbia and an ensuing tsunami could come in our lifetime, and emergency management officials are busy preparing for the worst.

These contingency plans reflect deep anxiety about the potential gravity of the looming disaster: upward of 14,000 people dead in the worst-case scenarios, 30,000 injured, thousands left homeless and the region’s economy setback for years, if not decades.


With news that a mysterious new planet has been found, Planet 9, as shared by NASA in the 3rd video below only lending credence to the argument that ‘Planet X’ or ‘Nibiru’ is coming it has become clear, we are living in truly historical times that feel more and more every day as if we’re now witnessing prophecy unfolding.

While we’ll state here that we are not claiming nor can we confirm that this mysterious ‘planet 9’ is ‘planet X’, many people can feel that something is going on in the Heavens that our government doesn’t want us to know about. The final video below from DutchSinse explores the West coast seismic unrest we’re now seeing in much more detail.

Are all of these events tied together? We’ll close with a segment from Steve Quayle’s ‘Planet X’ written along with Sue Bradley and Sabine Vlaming back in January of 2011.:

PLANET X A tempest in a teapot or catastrophe of Biblical proportions?

The ancient Sumerian Nibiru means “Planet of the Crossing.”

With the notable exceptions of Svalbard Seed Vault , and the government of Australia , the global community has taken a sarcastic, or perhaps measuredly protective, position regarding the dissemination of information as it applies to a possible near – term encounter. Since its discovery in 1982, Planet X was acknowledged by NASA, and in 1983, the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) detected a large object in deep space and the JPL deemed it newsworthy on several occasions. A review of keywords in the description of a Black Swan event and note that they very closely speak of this.

A Black Swan Event: The IMPACT of the highly improbable:

It is an OUTLIER , as it lies OUTSIDE THE REALM of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility.

Second, it carries an EXTREME IMPACT.

Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it EXPLAINABLE and PREDICTABLE. IMPACT. OUTLIER. OUTSIDE THE REALM. EXTREME IMPACT. EXPLAINABLE. PREDICTABLE.


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