Texas Mother Tells Reporters She Believes Her Devil-Worshipping Son Is Responsible For The Murder Of A Teenage Friend

Satanist pr

HOUSTON, Texas — A Texas mother has told reporters that she believes her devil-worshiping son is responsible for the death of his teenage friend.

The Houston woman, whose has asked to remain anonymous, states that her 18-year-old son recently became interested in the devil and started drawing satanic pictures and killed the family pets.

“He doesn’t believe in God. He believes in the devil,” she said. “He’s been drawing devil pictures [and] putting 666 on there. He’s been asking me why God would let innocent people die.”

The woman said her son had been raised in the church.

“He’s wrong. I didn’t raise him like that. As a child he was born and raised in the church home,” she stated. “I noticed some change in him.”

And so, after her son’s friend, 16-year-old Ryan Robert, was found dead on Tuesday in a wooded area, she knew who did it. After he overdosed on drugs this week, she checked him into the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, and anticipates his arrest at any time.

Robert’s mother says she also believes the teen is responsible for her son’s death.

“We know who did it. He’s confessed to somebody that he did it, and he confessed to more than one person,” Christina Robert told reporters.

She said that the teen told his cousin that he killed Robert, who in turn contacted his mother, who then called police.

Ryan Robert
Ryan Robert

Robert says she doesn’t believe the boy belongs in a psychiatric ward as she believes the murder was intentional.

“He’s trying to play like he’s crazy,” she told local television station KHOU. “He’s far from it far from it. He knows right from wrong.”

The teen’s father, Edward O’Neal III, while acknowledging that his son was into Satan, doesn’t believe he committed the crime.

“I don’t believe in that. Anybody can say anything,” he said, but also stated that if his son is found guilty after being tried, he should be punished.

Students and staff at Jefferson Davis High School held a vigil on Wednesday in memory of Robert, lowering the school flags to half-staff and releasing balloons.

Original Article:http://christiannews.net/2016/01/21/texas-mother-believes-her-devil-worshiping-son-is-responsible-for-murder-of-teenage-friend/

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