Texas Homeschool Family Sued For Letting Their Children Play Outside


PLANO, Texas – A husband and wife in Texas are being sued by their neighbors for allowing their homeschooled children to play in their backyard.

Andrew and Kelly Counts moved into their Plano, Texas, home in September of 2014. They reportedly chose the house in part because it had a concrete patio in the backyard—a perfect spot for their kids’ outdoor playhouse and swing set.

“One of the big reasons we chose the house was because we would be able to move this playhouse,” Kelly Counts told reporters.

“We love this house, and we love this neighborhood,” she added.

The Counts’ four children, who are 10, 7, 4, and 2 years old, enjoy spending time in their playhouse and swing set. Because the kids are homeschooled, they sometimes play outside during the day, when other kids are at school.

But two of the Counts’ next-door neighbors, Irving and Anita Ward, are now suing the homeschooling family, saying the kids are a nuisance and make too much noise. First, the neighbors asked the local homeowners association and the City of Plano to force the Counts to remove the playhouse and swing set. When that initiative failed, they took the issue to court.

“It’s unfathomable to me,” Counts said, according to the local CBS affiliate. “I can’t imagine the sound of kids playing at any age or stage of my life and thinking that I needed to sue someone over it.”