New AI Company Wants To Transplant Human Brains Into Cyborgs To achieve Immortality

AI Company Wants to Defeat Death by 2045

The CEO of a new artificial intelligence company envisions a future where death is a thing of the past.

Entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra explained that his company, Humai, is focused on preserving brains of the deceased with the intention of ultimately implanting them into new, artificial bodies.

However Humai has a broader and bolder vision for the future with the goal of actually overcoming death by transplanting the brain of a dying person into a cybernetic body before they pass to the ‘other side.’

The company’s concept is a stark difference from other suggested attempts to combine the mind with machines in that Humai would seemingly maintain the physical viability of a person’s original brain.

Should such a procedure prove successful, the human species will have taken an enormous step towards immortality.

Incredibly, Boganegra aspires to accomplish the monumental task within the next 30 years.

So if you can hang until 2045, you just may get to live forever.

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