Disasters Continue To Escalate In America


Have you noticed lately how many disasters are taking place in America? In case you haven’t noticed we are seeing events transpiring all around us from earthquakes to methane Gas leaks to water contamination! Just last month we saw massive wildfires and giant tornadoes right around Christmas. The wildfire that erupted northwest of Los Angeles on Christmas Day and the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the Dallas area can be added to a growing list of disasters that have struck the United States since the month of September.

Reports indicated that the Texas blizzard “Goliath” may have claimed more than 30,000 Cows in Texas. The same storm that led to two tornado outbreaks in the United States and disastrous flooding also drove the North Pole to the freezing point 50 degrees above average for the normal in December.

Then we have the “Unstoppable” California gas leak that is now being called the worst Catastrophe since the BP Oil spill. In fact the story over at ENENews tells us about the largest gas leak ever recorded, equivalent to the strength of a volcanic eruption, and according to one expert, “It’s so far above and beyond what I’ve ever seen.” Telling us that what we’re now watching unfolding in Los Angeles (with barely a peep from the mainstream media!!!) is ‘potentially devastating on a planetary scale’, we’re also told we’re watching a disaster unfolding in slow motion that may take up to 4 months or more to stop and is leaving thousands of Californians suffering nosebleeds and vomiting according to this story.

Then we have Michigan, Where Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency  for Flint and Genesee County Tuesday as a result of the contaminated drinking water crisis.  The move — a cost-cutting measure while the city was under the control of a state-appointed emergency manager — resulting in a spike in lead levels in children, which causes permanent brain damage.

The there is Levees in Illinois and Missouri that are breaking after a rare winter flood. The Mississippi River was already swollen after an unseasonably wet late fall/early winter. Beginning on December 26, 2015, most of Missouri was drenched by heavy rains. More than 10 inches of rain fell over a period of three days, and the area was left flooded, which doesn’t usually happen in the Midwest until spring.

Earthquake Swarms are increasing in Oklahoma and the Pacific Northwest as just today a Magnitude 4.7 And 4.8 Earthquakes Shook Oklahoma 30 Seconds Apart as 22 Quakes Reported In 13 Hours and felt from central Kansas to southern Oklahoma and the eastern Texas panhandle, including in Wichita, Kansas, and the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Meanwhile Hundreds Of Tremors Continue To Shake the Pacific Northwest! The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network plotted 427 tremors on a map. “What’s happening is there’s an episode where the deep plate boundary is kind of rumbling,” said Dr. John Vidale, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

America’s Economy is being rocked the first week of the new year as China’s Market is halted twice in one week resulting in the Dow Closing at Triple Digits, Posting Worst Opening Day In 8 Years. Meanwhile Billionaire financier George Soros is warning of an impending financial markets crisis as investors around the world were roiled by turmoil in China trade for the second time this week.

Now Scientists are warning that Yellowstone Super-Volcano could blow at anytime and kill millions. The report indicated that there is few real contingency plans in place to deal with the ticking time bomb, which they conclude is likely to go off within the next 80 years. The world’s most dangerous active volcanoes include Yellowstone, Mount Vesuvius in Campagnia, Italy, and Popocatépetl i near Mexico City.

I recently warned about these disasters increasing on a greater scale for not only America but expanding worldwide as we are entering the stronger “Birth-Pangs” of the Messiah and the Nations of the world continue to be defiant against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The cup of the wrath of God is becoming full and I fear lest there is a true cry of repentance soon we could just be witnessing the beginning of sorrows!

Original Article:http://endtimeheadlines.org/2016/01/disasters-are-mounting-in-america/

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