FBI Preparing For Waco-Style Armed Raid In Oregon: Local Schools Taken Over By FEDS As Staging Areas For Weapons Stockpiling

Oregon protesters

(NaturalNews) Natural News can now exclusively report that local schools near Burns, Oregon are being used as staging areas by FBI and other federal officials in preparation for an armed raid on the protesters camping out at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

This has been relayed to Natural News via TalkNetwork.com hosts who are on location and have independently affirmed the accuracy of this startling revelation. Pete Santilli, a talk radio host with TalkNetwork.com, is on the scene and broadcasting live from time to time at Talknetwork.com/live

The federal government is staging military-style weapons, tactical equipment and long-range observation gear inside at least one school, Natural News has learned, apparently contradicting the FBI’s publicized claim that it seeks a “peaceful resolution” to the standoff. The kind of equipment being staged by federal officials is inconsistent with any “peaceful resolution” and looks intended to bring the standoff to a sudden and violent end with bloodshed caused by an armed government carrying out the mass slaughter of private citizens and protesters.

Most likely this equipment includes night operations gear such as PVS-27 light magnification optics that can be attached to existing rifle optics with requiring a re-zero, enabling federal officials to conduct night-time sniper fire on targets inside the compound. All signs now point to a night-time or early morning armed assault on the compound, with federal officials likely hoping to catch the armed protesters asleep or operationally disadvantaged by darkness.

An armed raid and slaughter by the feds would fulfill the insane calls for violence being heard today by irrational leftists like Montel Williams, just one of thousands of homicidal leftists who openly called for the government to slaughter the protesters with “shoot to kill” orders:

In an article entitled Why Are Leftists So Gung-Ho About Shooting Americans For Disobeying Government?, Breitbart.com’s Ben Shapiro wrote, “In the aftermath of Ammon Bundy’s group takeover of an empty government hut in the wilderness in response to the government’s egregious miscarriage of justice against the Hammond family, the left has given in to its ravenous, Twilight-style bloodlust… Let’s ignore that the left has routinely made excuses for actual violence from groups ranging from Baltimore and Ferguson rioters to Occupy Wall Street.”

Yesterday, I also warned that a slaughter by the feds could ignite a nationwide armed citizens’ revolt against federal tyranny. In that story, I urged federal officials to maintain a calm stance and seek a non-violent solution, even if it means waiting out the Oregon protesters for months.

Psyops and false flags

Meanwhile, Natural News has been told that there are “four to five layers of psyops taking place here,” and a TalkNetwork hosts is now telling us that he was “confronted by multiple provocateurs” — meaning undercover federal agents were somehow trying to get him to escalate the situation into more violence, creating a cover story for the feds to more easily “justify” an armed assault when the time comes.

Natural News has also learned that women and children are inside the compound, alongside the armed male protesters who have stated they are carrying firearms solely for self-defense and have no intention of initiating any acts of violence whatsoever. This means that if the feds stage an armed assault, they will be slaughtering women and children alongside the men.

UPDATE: This has also been confirmed by Brandon Darby of Breitbart.com who just posted this article and video, revealing the presence of a mother and baby inside the compound.

Furthermore, the FBI is actively attempting to interfere with independent media’s ability to report the facts as they unfold on the scene. “The FBI is trying to shut down independent media,” Pete Santilli told Natural News. Subtle efforts are being made to intimidate indy media and prevent it from being able to continue to stream video live from the location, most likely in an attempt for the feds to monopolize the narrative as they did in the Waco raids from two decades ago.

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has called for the armed protesters to “stand down,” pleading with them to find an alternative way to resolve the situation that does not threaten violence. Yet right now, it seems like the federal government is the entity preparing to commit mass violence, not the camped-out protesters.

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