DHS Placing Patriots On ‘Terror Watch’ List To Further Escalate Interactions With Local Police

(NaturalNews) EXCLUSIVE: The Department of Homeland Security is intentionally placing local law enforcement in harm’s way by knowing (and falsely) entering the license plates of patriot-oriented radio hosts in the federal “terror watch” database. The aim of this tactic is to intentionally cause escalations of high-tension interactions between local police and pro-gun patriots, knowing that local law enforcement will respond to terror watch list hits with an escalated engagement posture involving firearms being drawn and pointed at the suspects.

The DHS — obviously at the command of an anti-American Obama regime that absolutely despises both patriots and police officers — is hoping that either the patriot suspect opens fire on police or that overreacting police open fire on the patriot. Either way, this serves the agenda of the Obama regime and creates a powerful narrative that mainstream media can use to call for nationwide gun confiscation.

How do we know all this? Because Pete Santilli, the host of Off the Hook on TalkNetwork.com, was pulled over by a police officer in Cincinnatti just two days ago. His license plate was flagged by the federal “terror watch list,” causing this police officer to respond with a very aggressive, high alert stance with his primary firearm drawn and pointed at Pete and his passenger (the terrorism “suspects”).

This response by the police officer was entirely appropriate based on the intel he received from DHS. After all, thanks to open borders and insane refugee resettlement programs, the Obama regime is actively transplanting ISIS terrorists across the United States, readying them for being activated in a nationwide terror wave (see “Obama is a Sleeper Cell” to learn more). But what this police officer did not know is that he was being manipulated by DHS as part of a scheme that deliberately places police officers in harm’s way by causing them to collide with “patriots” who are fraudulently placed on the government’s terror watch list.

“Because I have political opponents that some of whom actually have access to the terror watch list,” Pete told Fox 19. “I believe that what he saw was my name and my vehicle associated with someone on the terror watch list. Somebody who had access to that terror watch list wanted to use it as political intimidation.”

Fortunately, both Pete Santilli and the police officer kept their cool. No shots were fired. Pete was arrested and then released less than a day later. Click here to see his “Free at last” video.

Most importantly, within 3-4 hours after his arrest, Pete was cleared of any link to domestic terrorism. He was told that the terror watch list was a “false hit.”

DHS says he’s a terrorist, then says he isn’t

So wait a minute.

How can someone’s license plate trigger a terror watch list “hit” and then, a few hours later, that same person is totally cleared by the DHS?

The answer is simple: DHS is intentionally placing patriots on the terror watch list to get them pulled over and hopefully shot to death by cops. Those who survive the interaction are then “cleared” by DHS, which deems to whole thing an “unfortunate mistake.”

If someone happens to get shot during all this, so much the better for the Obama regime and the anti-gun political regime, all of whom absolutely LOVE to see more acts of gun violence so that they can exploit them to call for abolition of the Second Amendment.

As patriot radio hosts are being added to terror watch lists, the Obama administration is shutting down FBI investigations into ISIS groups

Keep in mind that all this is taking place at the same time the Obama administration is actively shutting down FBI investigations into people with ties to ISIS.

From BizPacReview.com:

In yet another example of political correctness trumping the safety and security of American citizens, a former Department of Homeland Security employee said the Obama administration shut down an investigation that could have prevented the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher reported that Philip Haney, the former DHS employee, was assigned to the department’s Intelligence Review Unit.

“His job was to investigate individuals with potential links to terrorism,” Gallagher told Fox News host Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File,” Thursday. “He noticed a trend of people with suspected radicalized ties coming into the United States.”

But a year later, the State Department and the DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties shut the investigation down, claiming that tracking the individuals and groups was “problematic” because they were Islamic.

Among the 67 of Haney’s records that were deleted was “an investigation into an organization with ties to the mosque in Riverside [California] that San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook attended,” Gallagher reported.

Several years ago, after Haney complained of the shutdown of his investigation to Congress, DHS reportedly revoked his security clearance and pulled him from his duties.

The same DHS that shut down the FBI on ISIS is now flagging patriots as terrorists

So the same DHS that revoked the security clearance of an FBI investigator who might have been able to stop the San Bernardino attacks is actively placing patriot radio hosts on the terror watch list.

This is how absurd (and dangerous) the Obama regime has become: Patriotic Americans who love the Constitution are now labeled domestic terrorists. But actual ISIS terrorists who commit mass murder are given a total pass by the federal government. Obama even intervenes in FBI investigations, shutting them down and making sure ISIS is free to operate in America!

So now, at a whole new level, the Obama regime government is actively targeting people who exercise their free speech in defense of the Constitution… the same Constitution that President Obama is sworn to uphold and defend!

That the Obama regime has now turned to this extremely unethical tactic of intimidation and oppression — which places citizens and police officers in harm’s way to achieve a political outcome — is beyond unconscionable. It is criminal in its intent. This scheme, when honestly considered, is truly an act of government terrorism targeting American citizens. The Obama regime, in other words, is now committing state-sponsored terrorism against patriotic Americans, hoping to initiate violence that it can use to destroy the Second Amendment.

How to get more details on this shocking story about government terrorism against patriots

Pete Santilli will be talking about this in great detail on his show on TalkNetwork.com. Off the Hook airs at 11am – 1pm Eastern, every weekday. You can listen in from any PC, Mac or mobile device.

I’ve also commented on what we know so far in my HealthRangerReport.com podcast, shown here:


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