Race War Agenda Exposed


White Life doesn’t mean @#%!. That is the message THIS White House and the mainstream media wants to make sure it sends loud and clear to the American People. This is hardly an isolated incident either. There have been quite a few examples of almost medieval anti-white crimes that have flown under the radar during the Obama years that I’ve tried my level best to shine light on with my limited audience so at least SOME people know these crimes ever happened. Why does it take alternative media to get a story like this out to the American media? It takes the alternative media because the White House and the “news media” are noticeably absent. It’s unconscionable. Furthermore, it’s an embarassment to the United States in general, and what our “culture” has devolved into as a whole. Among the incidents I’m referring to are when a 13 year-old was gang raped by 10 illegal immigrants multiple times at multiple locations, an 88 year-old World War II veteran beaten to death by black teens for no reason, and several other examples provided in the links below.

Mr. Obama, mainstream media, message received.

Clash Daily Reports:

Even though this happened more than a year ago, the mainstream media was covering it non-stop…oh, wait, just kidding. There was little to no coverage about this story. Now, especially because there are 17 black thugs that have been arrested, we really aren’t going to hear squat about it.

This is just another example of another White life that doesn’t matter to the media, and certainly not to the idiot residing in the White House.

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — The FBI spent the morning rounding up suspected gang members.

There is a total of 17 people facing charges under Operation Bite Back.

Nine people were picked up Tuesday.

The others were already in custody on other charges or had been arrested under this operation and bonded out.

FBI agents targeted suspected members of the Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and Sipp Mob street gangs. (WREG)



Mass Shooting, 300 Shot At, 17 Wounded, Media Silent. Why?

Under Barack Obama: Race Relations In America Hit 20 Year Low

Minorities Now Want Safe Spaces “No Whites Allowed” 

Obama Lit The Fuze in Ferguson and Baltimore 

Cancer In The Capital… Remove It Before It’s To Late!

Holder’s Department of Injustice Caught Funding Cop Killer Rap Video

Black Thugs Drag Bosnian Woman Out Of Her Car and Beat Her

Valerie Jarrett In Touch With Gov. Nixon During Ferguson Fiasco

Farrakhan Calls For VIOLENCE to ‘TEAR’ the Country Apart 

Rioters: “You Will Never Be Safe – Not You, Not Your Children!”



Black Mob Vandalizes Kroger, Beats White Employee Unconscious 

4 Blacks Slaughter White Man In Detroit, Holder Silent

Black Teens Beat to Death 88 Year Old WWII Vet

NO HOLDER – 13 Year-Old Gets Gang Raped By 10 Illegal Immigrants. 

Report: Justice Dept Backed Trayvon Martin Rallies

Original Article: http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2015/12/17-black-gang-bangers-burned-a-white-girl-alive-where-is-obama-2765240.html


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