Anti-Christ’s Military Of The Future

mark of the beast

I did not sleep particularly well last night. I interviewed Pastor Billy Crone on The Common Sense Show. I considered myself to be knowledgeable on the topic of drone and robotic technology until I interviewed Pastor Crone. His revelations left the staff of my show in absolute shock. Why would a pastor become concerned about drone technology? Simple, this is end times, Mark of the Beast, human enslaving technology.

False Bravado of Many Americans

“There is an American behind every blade of grass.” “Americans will never submit to tyranny”. These are  phrases which one often hears as we contemplate how much control the globalists have gained over our country and over our lives. And because of compartmentalization and “national security”, the technology you see here is over 30 years old. Having said that, most Americans will scarcely believe their collective ears.

Here is an example of technology that is 30-40 years old.


Total Enslavement of a Population

Fox News reported that Human Rights Watch is advocating for a ban on these artificial weapons systems. I believe that humanity has more to fear from DARPA killer robots than creating an unethical and brutal army and/or tyrannical police force. When considering the principle of Moore’s Law, in which computer capacity doubles every 18 months, how long will it be until these machines will advance to a level in which they will represent the most powerful weaponry on the planet? The following video is frightening in its implications for American society.

What this group does not realize is that there knowledge is at least 30 years behind the curve. All their expressed fears have already happened in a DARPA laboratory.

Micro Aerial Vehicles

A drone flies overhead at a high altitude, it releases 100,000 micro drones known as Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV). Each MAV has the capability to be autonomous and carry out its own mission. Or, 100,000 MAV’s can perform like the Borg in carrying out its mission objectives in unison. Each MAV comes equipped with surveillance capability, they also have facial recognition applications and each can carry out assassinations or joint military maneuvers. Each MAV has the capability to crawl like bugs and fly like a bird. They blend into the environment and are barely detectable. Taking on the shape of an insect, MAV’s are able to gain access to secure areas much like bugs do in nature. The release of 100,000 MAV’s constitutes an attacking army. So, as a Predator B drone approaches suspected Constitutional supporting Americans, the American person(s) would quickly be overwhelmed by an overwhelming force of mechanical birds and insects each with the capability to kill. A picture is worth a thousand words. The following Department of Air Force video release speaks volumes as to how far the technology has developed.

What is most concerning is that Pastor Crone stated that he was told off the record that this technology is 30 years old. We can only imagine how advanced the forces now.

The Elite Will Soon Be Impervious to Harm

Any chance of a rebel insurrection, or military uprising that does not possess this robotic and drone technology is doomed to fail.

Omnipresent Surveillance

Americans forces, stationed in urban Iraqi areas (e.g. Baghdad) are still coming under fire.  DARPA, has responded with technology which allows the military to spy on whole cities with its  Large Area Coverage Optical Search-while-Track and Engage  (LACOSTE). LACOSTE is a program of imaging technology that will allow for “single sensor , day or night, ongoing tactical surveillance of all moving vehicles in an urban area.  LACOSTE will eventually be able to identify individual humans in the same manner. This surveillance system is being integrated into department store video surveillance, the street light turned spy Intellistreets and all traffic cameras. If the globalists want to find you, you better have a darn good place to hide.

DARPA’s Straight Shooters
vs. the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

In the original Red Dawn movie, I chuckle at the scenes where Wolverines successfully ambush convoy after convoy of enemy columns. This might have been possible in the 1990’s, but that day is long gone. You see, NRA members, the military now possess bullets that cannot miss.  On your last trip to your local gun range, how close to 100% was your accuracy?

EXACTO, or the  Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, is the first ever guided small caliber (“smart”) bullet. If you’ve ever watched a heat-seeking missile follow a fighter jet on the big screen, then you would comprehend the idea of DARPA’s intention for  creating a maneuverable and flexible bullet, which is controlled by a guidance system,  that moves with the target and adjusts in mid-flight and to eventually shatters a human skull.

“Take Cover” Commands Cannot Save You

Meet the XM-25 “smart” grenade launcher. The weapon is portable and can be carried to the battlefield by a soldier, or even better, a DARPA killer robot who has orders to search and destroy a specific target which will be identified by facial recognition. Once you are located, the X-25 possess a laser range-finder built in that can detect the distance to the wall or trench that you’re hiding behind and then blow you and your cover to oblivion. Again, there is nowhere to run and hide.

Every Move You Make,
DARPA Will Be Stalking You

Many gun owners mistakenly believe that they are going to be able to carry out acts of terrorism against an illegitimate government as they begin to lockdown the country under a martial law takeover. Thwarting most ideas of a revolutionary effort  can be found in the Battlefield Optical Surveillance System, a device that can be mounted on a truck that scans and deciphers the landscape with lasers and sensors. When it sees the almost imperceptible glint of a rifle scope, or more amazingly it also recognizes you through your retinas as the detection device “paints” you with a laser beam, just prior to your demise.

And even in the unlikely event that you can slip into firing range of your intended target, theBoomerang countermeasure system uses an array of microphones which will be able to instantly decipher the speed and direction of your shot, based on the muzzle report and the shockwave of the bullet as it zips past. Immediately, Boomerang knows where the shot came from, and even what kind of weapon was utilized. This system will reduce all future sniper missions to a Kamikaze endeavor.

Round-Ups for FEMA Camps Made Easy

Getting These People From Here…

To Here….

Is Easy When You Have This Technology Combined with Facial Recognition Software…

It is time, once again, for the mantra:


The Artificial Intelligence Aspect

We know that robots are developing the ability to be autonomous, plan their own mission and even repair one another. How long will it be until they no longer need humans? Based upon what we know about Google’s fascination with singularity and a flavor of transhumanism in which the elite escape their bodies with their brain and consciousness intact and inhabit the shell of a robot and achieve immortality.

Who could deny that Satanic forces would not embrace this technology. I often use the word, Satanists, to describe the globalist cabal who is attempting to impose their will on all of humanity. My use of the word “Satanist” is not merely a term used to demean a group of elite. I truly mean that these people are Satanists. If you do not believe that the New World Order is not Satanically inspired, please listen to what Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes have to say on this subject.

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