Homemade Penicillin


This important information may be useful to someone who are living in poverty or have limited resources where they are living in this world.  We must be careful when we use antibiotics because if they are used when we don’t absolutely need them we run the risk of creating antibiotic-resistant super bugs.

Bread and oranges are some of the most common household kitchen items.  Bread and oranges are capable of producing penicillin just by simply allowing them to sit and age naturally.  That gross looking mold which grows on the surface is actually penicillium.

Let’s say there is a natural disaster or a zombie apocalypse and someone you are close to gets a deep cut on their arm.  As you take shelter for a few days you notice that there is an infection.  You see puss, redness, it itches or burns and your friend isn’t doing so good.

Infections are a serious deal, they can cause you to loose your limp or your life if they are left untreated for too long.  If you were in a bind what would you do to help your friend?  Here is something you can do in an emergency.

  • 08Take some bread and place it in a container or bag
  • Let it sit until spores begin to form on it
  • Take all the bread and break it up into smaller pieces
  • Add some moisture (with light misting) and place the broken pieces back in the same sealed container or bag
  • Monitor the growth of mold and do not remove it from the bag until the majority of the mold culture begins to turn decidedly green.

As the mold matures it will go through a white, blue and then green stage.  The picture of the orange above shows the green stage.  The green on the bread or orange contains doses of penicillin.  You can see in the green area where the mold has matured the most.  Now you can use this green mold to treat the infection and there are a few ways that you can do this.

1. Take the pieces of bread and then fill up a large cup with warm water (do not boil) and add the bread.  Mix it together and then consume it. Repeat as necessary, every day if you need to.  Know that although you are making penicillin you are also growing and eating other things as well that may not be necessarily helpful.

The mixture will likely take terrible and you will be consuming the bad with the good.  However, if this is to save a life the good will outweigh the bad.  So instead of a serious infection you may end up with diarrhea or upset stomach.  This method has been used in folk remedies around the world for thousands of years.

2. The second option is that you take your time and careful separate out the green mold from the bread.  Clean the wound and then take the mold spores and topically apply them to the whole wound.  Dress the wound lightly and repeat the process regularly until it heals.

According to some Egyptology research by righteous they used honey to dress wounds all the way back to the time of Imhotep.  Bacteria has a really hard time growing on honey.  If a wound is clean, fresh, and infection free you can apply honey to the wound area.  This will keep away harmful and unwanted bacteria.

To this day, medical grade honey bandages are used in the ER.  For use at home just cover the entire area with honey and wrap the area to keep the honey in place while keeping it clean.

There are more advanced ways to extract penicillin from oranges and bread but if you are in a pinch this guide may save someone life.  However, I recommend doing some of your own research to ensure that you know more about how to work with penicillium.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA

Sources- minds.com

Original Article:http://www.ewao.com/a/how-to-create-homemade-penicillin-seriously/

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