Bizarre Accident With vehicles Being Strangely Levitated

The video, which has left the internet mesmerized has captured the attention of paranormal investigators and Ufologists who all have their very own theories.

Ion the video footage, confused pedestrians can be seen running away from the cars that inexplicably started to levitate. It is not known whether anyone was injured in the peculiar incident. Many users posted on social networks that the ‘steel cable’ explanation is absurd since it is clear that no cable is visible in the video recording.

Since it was posted online, the video footage has received hundreds of thousands of views and many people have tried explaining what went on in the video:

‘The truck on the right snags a cable that is loose on the ground and lays across the road.’

‘The truck starts to move pulling the cable tight and the cable goes up and moves all three vehicles.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘it’s a downed line being dragged by the truck on the right.’

Other users believe that this phenomenon occurred because of some sort of ‘antigravity’ technology tested by the government somewhere in the vicinity. At this point all we can do is watch the video over and over again trying to understand what caused the mysterious phenomenon seen in the video that has gone viral since it was posted not long ago

Since the video has been posted, thousands of user’s suggest that a sinister ‘strange force’ is behind the bizarre accident occurred in China.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think happened here… Was this bizarre accident caused by a ‘steel cable’ as some suggest? Or is it possible there is a far more mysterious explanation to the anomalous video posted online.

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