Rancher Family Declared ‘Terrorists’ , Sentenced To Five Years

Rancher Family Declared Terrorist, Sentenced To Five Years

Entangled in a spat with the government over the practice of prescribed burning on their family ranch, the Hammond family has evidentially been labeled terrorists, and sentenced to five years in federal prison.

Prescribed burning is a preemptive move made to curtail the threat of forest fires. By thinning out the amount of vegetation on land in a controlled way, ranchers have been able to reduce the risk of serious, uncontrollable fires on their land.

While the Hammond Family has admitted to certain fires initially becoming larger than intended, all fires were privately put out, and no federal money was spent on the endeavors.

Regardless, they were still arrested.

The government’s actions here are not without precedent. Truth and Action has previously reported that the Bundy family, who own land adjacent to none other than Harry Reid, have been the subject to severe federal harassment. Other ranches have similarly complained of constant, federal oversight and harassment as well.

The Bundy Ranch Family have had enough and have penned an open letter to the Hammond Family:

From: The Bundy Family

Bunkerville, Nevada

To:       Aware Citizens & Government Officials

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hammond family with deep empathy. The magnitude of the injustices dealt to them is hard to comprehend. Their once happy lives have been forever darkened with pains of corruptions. The nature of their sentencing proves once again that justice is currently not found in the federal courts. The Hammonds are a simple ranching family that for generations has cared for the land they live upon. Prescribed burns are a vital process in keeping the land healthy and productive in the area. The BLM also performs prescribed burns and have let it get out of control many times, but never has it cost any federal agent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and years of life in prison. The Hammonds prescribed a fire that moved to public land, they extinguished the fire themselves. The courts found that the burn increased vegetation for the following years, and had a positive impact on the land.  With no authority or justification to prosecute, eleven years after the fire, federal attorneys have obtained judgment that the Hammonds are terrorists and must be punished severely for their actions.

The illegal predatory actions of federal agencies placing themselves as the sole beneficiaries of the land and resources must end or the people will stand in open resistance against it. The collaboration between federal agencies and the federal courts is shameful and will continue to accelerate the peoples demand for justice. The Hammond prosecution, and many offenses like it, solidify that the federal government is no longer an entity that functions for the benefit of the people.

This sort of federal harassment over private land is but another example of the overreach of the government into the lives of everyday Americans. This injustice must be stopped, as protection of private property is perhaps one of the most important rights Americans have to shield themselves from the government.

Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/rancher-family-declared-terrorist-sentenced-five-years/

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