Alien Bird-Like Creatures In Mars Rover Images; NASA Has No Comment

UFO Sky Martian Ufo

An online UFO hunter claims he has found evidence of alien creatures or birds flying across the Martian sky over NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. According to the UFO blogger, NASA doesn’t want the public to know there are flying creatures on Mars. UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring claims that evidence of migratory alien birds flying in Mars comes from a series of photos of the Martian sky and terrain snapped by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover on sol 01153 (November 3, 2015: 22:42:28 UTC) and sol 01155 (November 6, 2015: 00:03:09 UTC). The photos, according to Waring, show multiple black objects in the sky captured on camera by Curiosity rover’s rear left and right cameras.
Object With Streamlined Bird-like Shape In The Martian Sky Photographed By NASA’s Curiosity Rover, Claims UFO Blogger (Image via Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) Waring points out that at first sight one could dismiss the black objects in the sky as spots in the photo caused by dirt on the camera lenses. But he claims there is evidence the black objects are not dirt on the camera lenses but living creatures with wings flying in the sky over the Martian surface — possibly alien migratory birds.
Bird-Like Object Photographed In The Martian Sky By Curiosity Rover (Image via Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily] “Curiosity has two rear cameras and both caught the objects, but in different positions. Then a bit earlier it happened again. This is clear evidence that something is flying in the sky of Mars. The sky is blue and there are white clouds in the Mars sky as I have shown you in color photos a few weeks ago.” The first evidence, according to Waring, comes from photos of the Martian sky and rock-strewn terrain snapped hours earlier by the same cameras which show no objects in the sky. If the spots were dirt on both right and left camera lenses on sol 01153 and sol 01155, why were the left and right lenses clear and spotless on sol 01150, Waring asks.
Is This A Bird Flying In The Martian Sky Captured By Curiosity Rover Camera? (Image via Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) Waring also posts close-ups of the objects. Some of the close-ups reveal the objects resemble the streamlined shape of a flying creature flapping its wings. In fact, one photo appears to show a bird with its wings in the downward stage of wing-flapping motion.
Is This A Migratory Bird In The Martian Sky? (Image via Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) And for the umpteenth time, Waring accuses NASA of hiding the truth about the presence of higher life forms on Mars. “These objects in the air… I think they are living creatures that NASA doesn’t want to tell the public about.
” Two Birds Photographed In The Martian Sky, Says UFO Blogger. Note The Close-Up Image To The Right That Looks Like A Bird Flapping Wings (Image Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) Curiosity Rover Rear Camera Snaps Bird Flying In Martian Sky, According To UFO Blogger (Image via Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) Followers of Waring’s blog and would recall this is not the first time that the UFO blogger has claimed evidence of birds flying in the Martian sky. In February, 2014, the UFO and alien hunter announced discovery of a giant bird in flight in the Martian sky. And to the exasperation of Waring’s detractors, NASA’s “Billion Pixel View of Mars” taken by Curiosity rover appeared to show a massive “Martian eagle” soaring majestically in the Martian sky (see image below).
“This objects looks to have a head in front… and long wings bent down below it, causing it to appear much like eagles on Earth. If life is on Mars, we can assume there are many kind including predators that hunt from the air. This very well could be an [Martian] eagle…” ‘Martian Eagle’ Soars In Martian Sky, Says UFO Blogger (Image via Scott Waring / UFO Sightings Daily) The alleged discovery sparked a furious online debate, with several UFO enthusiasts declaring the “giant eagle” evidence of life on Mars. But skeptics argued that what looked like an eagle soaring in the Martian sky was only a “speck of dust” on the rover’s camera. “Brother… it is nothing. It is dust on Camera. Don’t you see this thing… appear s 4 times in single panoramic zoom photo of NASA in same distance in same sizes…” “Yes it is possible… I have seen such (mistakes) before in Mars photos… however I still believe it to be a bird.” Waring admitted at the time that skeptics could be right and that it was “possible” the “eagle” was speck of dust on the camera lens.

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