Southern California Missile Launch NOT Just A Systems Test?


On Friday, the military announced that they were restricting airspace over the ocean just northwest of Los Angles that would require flights in and out of LAX to modify their take-off and landing patterns. This created a lot of hard feelings in the communities east of the airport that would now have flights going overhead all night long.

Surprisingly, the military offered no explanations in the beginning as to the reason for the restrictions, but on Sunday, that all changed. After a nighttime launch from the USS Kentucky of an unarmed nuclear missile which was seen by thousands of people as far away as Nevada and Arizona. Cmdr. Ryan Perry with the Navy’s Third Fleet said the Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted a scheduled Trident II (D5) saying that the launch was the reason for the restricted airspace.

But something still didn’t ring true to me. Why close down the air space for 5 days if you’re only going to launch one missile test and you do that on the first day of the restriction? So I did some checking with friends in the military and have come up with some interesting allegations about the restricted air space and the military exercise that is in progress.

One of my sources told me that the recent launch was indeed part of a scheduled exercise to test the reliability of current launch protocols and equipment. But he also told me that the test was just part of a much larger war game that the military is carrying out. That war game is designed to test the effectiveness of our fighting forces to respond to a sea based nuclear attack on the metropolitan area of Los Angles by either China, Iran or North Korea, all of which have submarines capable of firing either nuclear tipped ballistic or cruise missiles.

It appears that the exercise is being carried out now in response to increased tensions with China over the contested islands in the South China Sea, recent threats by Obama’s nuclear buddies Iran and the ever present threats and military posturing of North Korea following the war of words with them back in August when they threatened to launch a nuclear attack on our west coast.

The Saturday night launch prompted a flood of phone calls to police who in turn called news outlets to instruct them to tell residents not to panic because 911 was inundated with reports. Viewers across California and parts of the West Coast reported seeing a strange, large flash of light across the Pacific Ocean Saturday night as the U.S. Navy was conducting the missile test.

The launch itself was a highly dramatic visual start to the war game, one man, Sokhom Thoeum was walking along a San Diego beach with his family when they saw the missile. He describe it this way, “It was really slow and then exploded really gray and there was some blue lights it just looked really weird.” And another witness said, “I’m like it’s not a firework, it’s not a falling star, it’s not the moon… I don’t know what it was… but it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Jessica Blecker.

Despite the ominous overtones of this information, it is important to remember that this is just a war game, a training exercise that is supposed to test our military’s ability to respond to such an attack. One of my sources told me that it is possible that there could be another such launch on Tuesday, if so I suggest you sit back and enjoy the light show. It is sure to be one of the few times in your life that you can watch a Trident Ballistic Missile launch without having to worry about if you have a safe place to hide.

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