Astronomers Are Days Away From Finding Out If Mysterious Star Is Home To Aliens

Alien Star Find Astronomers
 “For over a week, Doug Vakoch and his colleagues from SETI have been pointing the ground based Allen Telescope Array in California at the enigmatic star with the ‘Alien megastructures’ hoping to find evidence of Alien life. “We’re trying to rule out the hypothesis that maybe it’s intelligence out there,” Vakoch told Business Insider. Since they have the ability to analyze the data in real-time, it is very likely that astronomers will find out if we have actually found evidence of an Alien civilization in the next week or so. Astronomers around the world are extremely excited about the possible presence of an alien civilization around star KIC 8462852, which is located in the constellation Cygnus, approximately 1,500 light years away from Earth. The odd behavior of the luminosity of the star is what caught the attention of astronomers worldwide.
The strange behavior was detected by Planet Hunters which is a citizen science programs launched at Yale University nearly five years ago. Planet Hunters found out that the Brightness of the star KIC 8462852 varies in time with 20 percent variations which is extremely unnatural and unlike anything ever seen. This is why, people around the world have started speculating that astronomers at Planet Hunters might have discovered accidentally, evidence of a super alien civilization, a possibility that cannot be ruled out at the moment. “Our assumption is that there’s going to be a natural explanation for this, we just haven’t gotten clever enough to find it,” Vakoch told Business Insider. “We’re looking for a signal at one spot on the radio dial, and the problem is we don’t know which spot” he told Business Insider. “And so we tune the dial to billions of different channels. It’s almost like we’re searching the cosmic cable TV but instead of trying to find intelligence on 400 or 500 channels, we’re looking at billions of channels.”
Lets all hope that this scenario does not end like in the movie Battleship where Alien beings come to Earth and say hello in a completely hostile way, a scenario that scientists like Professor Stephen Hawking warned us of. According to an article by HACKED: “A very intriguing possibility, suggested by Jason Wright, an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State University, is that KIC 8462852 might be surrounded by huge artificial “megastructures” built by an advanced alien civilization. The changes in the luminosity of the star are “consistent with a ‘swarm’ of megastructures,” say Wright and other authors of a research paper submitted to a scientific journal. A pre-print of the paper is available on arXiv.” It would be extremely cool to find out that somewhere out there, alien civilizations have developed just as we on Earth, the only enigma is if these Alien beings would come in Peace. I guess we’ll find out in the near future since SETI scientists believe they will find out ASAP if this star is home to a super-alien civilization ( via ). “The best explanation is that there is a group of exocomets in orbit around the star,” notes a blog post titled “Comets or Aliens?” on the Planet Hunters website. “But until those models are properly investigated alien spaceships remain a possibility.””

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