Massive Uptick In Military Convoy Trains From East To West Coast


While we were reading recent news from The Daily Sheeple that Russians may start training their civilians in how to deal with a nuclear attack,  ANP reader ‘Daniel’ in Louisiana sent us the series of photographs seen in this story showing a US military train fully loaded down. We’ve also noticed a massive uptick in military trains all across the country in the last several weeks as seen in the 5 videos below.

According to Russia’s Dmitry Rogozin, Prime Minister of the Defense Industry,  Russia now has no choice but to begin again a program from the cold war era to make sure their population will be somewhat protected and hopefully be able to ‘avoid colossal losses’ if American aggression turns nuclear.

As Russia prepares to ‘train’ their populace for ‘nuclear annihilation survival’, we see ‘train after train after train after train’ filled with military vehicles, some traveling in the dead of night, moving huge amounts of military hardware all across America. As for official word or reasons why all of this ‘collapse/war prep’ has been taking place across America from our public servants, we continue to get silence.


Would a President Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton) tell Americans the ‘cold hard truths’ we need to hear from ‘government’? Would a President Donald Trump (or Clinton?) get into the mess that this (and past to be fair) administrations have? CNN reported yesterday Trump slammed Obama over ground troops in Syria. Does common sense stand a chance again in Washington DC?

These latest train pictures sent to us by ANP reader Daniel and the 5 videos below showing loaded down military trains from the East coast to the West coast, California to North Carolina, have excellent high definition footage for military vehicle and train lovers taken by several different videographers.


We have proof that at least two of these trains were videotaped very close to a US Naval Base near Oxnard, California and were being taken to that location to be dropped off according to notes left on the videos.

We also see trains from the Fayetteville, North Carolina area, close to Fort Bragg, which just happened to get put on high alert last night after a soldier decided to wear a suicide bomber costume for Halloween. This came months after a Fort Bragg soldier caused an incident by bringing his AR-15 into a mall for a photo shoot.


Massive military trains were being seen and reported by our readers all across the country earlier this year in what many believed to be preparation for a massive event or economic collapse here in America that would require the US military to take to the streets to attempt to restore order.

Combined with reports of ISIS threats upon the country, thousands of missing refugees in European countries (how many of those missing already made it to the US?), reports of ISIS near the border from a top cop in Texas and threats of World War 3, the end of 2015 brings leaves us in a precarious situation.


From Russia.:

Speaking after a meeting of Russia’s Security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Rogozin, the deputy prime minister in charge the defense industry, said the United States was upsetting the nuclear balance by developing new weapons systems.

Russia had no choice but to react to the aggressive capabilities of the United States, he said.

“Measures for countering the aggressor could include those that concern Russia’s strategic nuclear capability, that is reciprocal measures so that, God Forbid, no one gets a crazy idea in their head,” Rogozin said.

There could be other measures “so that the population, if nonetheless they were subject to that kind of aggression, could avoid colossal losses. … Civil defense should be recreated,” he said.


As Susan Duclos previously reported, with all of the military assets that have been transported across the country recently, all of the chess pieces are in place for whatever move on the chessboard comes next. China warned the US recently our aggression could start a war. Now, the Chiefs of the Chinese and US Navy’s will be sitting down to have a talk. That’s certainly a start. Nothing works w/o communication.

Which brings us to recent reports about Russian cable cutters near US undersea cables that, if cut, would instantly cut off the US from the rest of the world. The ultimate attack?

We see continued preparation on huge levels for a still unnamed event here in America yet in Russia, we see government officials  urging their populations to prepare for nuclear holocaust and a still unnamed ‘new weapons system’ of the US. What new weapon of death and destruction has govt developed now?


The signs of America’s future are all around us as seen in story titles such as “FBI: No Way To Screen Refugees Coming To US” and “Jihadists Make UN Camps Hellish Nightmare For Christians”. We can see we’ve likely reached a point there is no turning back. Is our future written in what Europe is seeing now?

Are these latest military train sightings only ‘normal military movement’ or preparation for a greater, life transforming event that ties into what we’re witnessing in Europe, in Syria and in the financial worlds? Thanks to all of our readers for keeping us up to date with all of the latest news by leaving story links in the comment section and emailing tips to






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