26 States Sue EPA To Bring Obama’s Climate Change Agenda Down

26 States Sue EPA To Bring Down Obama’s Climate Change Agenda

Obama’s global warming agenda is in high gear.  With a year left in office, Obama and his regime are scrambling to affect as many leftists issues as possible.  The religion of global warming, and it is a belief system based on things that cannot be proven scientifically, is an issue Obama owes. He owes those who funded his campaigns, and they are red hot over global warming, and his lack of legislating shutting down the coal industry.

Those funders (George Soros), many Hollywood entertainers, lead the fight to convince Americans global warming is the biggest threat to America.  Just ask Bernie Sanders.  He admitted that the biggest threat to America, global warming.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is being sued by over 26 states.  This issue?  The far reaching “Clean Power Plan” (CPP), which will force states to dump coal and use only approved energy sources.  This will affect the middle class and raise energy costs as much as 30%.

From the reports on EPA’s plan:

The Clean Power Plan is one of the most far-reaching energy regulations in this nation’s history,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, a Republican, said in a statement announcing the massive legal challenge.

“West Virginia is proud to be leading the charge against this Administration’s blatant and unprecedented attack on coal,” Morrisey said.

The legal assault comes Friday, the same day the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is publishing the Clean Power Plan (CPP) in the Federal Register — opening it up to legal challenges. Coal companies and other states are expected to sue the EPA as well.

CPP aims to cut U.S. power plant emissions 32 percent by 2030 by forcing states to write plans to reduce emissions from the energy sector. The rule will essentially force states to shutter coal-fired power plants and use more natural gas and green energy to get electricity.

The EPA argues the rule will not completely eliminate coal use, and that coal will still be an important part of America’s power supply for years to come. But states that rely on coal for the vast majority of their electricity argue the rule will massively increase energy prices and require billions of dollars in new grid investments.

This plan is the beginning of getting rid of the coal industry.  The EPA and global warming believers know regulating away the whole coal industry at once would not be tolerated.  Global warming believers are hardcore,  if one challenges the proof of global warming, they become rude, incensed and will berate you, over social media.  There is a type of cult think, and the brainwashing is backed up by the UN, who wants to regulate the world into a fake “cap and trade” tax.

Global warming is part of the “new world order”, once laughed at as a conspiracy, the UN has written documents about implementing world police forces (strong cities network), education policies (common core), and world population control, which they tie to global warming.

Original Article:http://www.truthandaction.org/26-states-sue-epa-bring-obamas-climate-change-agenda/

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