Woman Screams And Convulses As She Is Forced To Touch Holy Relic In Exorcism

A woman suspected of being possessed by the devil started screaming and having muscular convulsions after the congregation forced her face against a holy relic in Romania.

The exorcism was carried out on October 14, the day believed to be when Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans performs miracles.

The shocking scene took place during the Saint Paraskeva procession, one of the most important annual pilgrimages for Christian Orthodox believers in the region.  

Footage shows how the woman is forced to approach and touch the glass that covers the saint’s body.

Four members of the congregation and a priest grab hold of her and help push her face against the glass.

She begins to screams as she appears to struggle against the force of the people holding her.

At the same time, a priest begins to say a prayer as several other members of the congregation begin to make the sign of the cross during the exorcism.

Over 200,000 people went to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi in north eastern Romania’s Iasi County to touch the remains of Saint Paraskeva in a six-day procession.

The line spread to almost two kilometres with many having to wait more than 15 hours to touch the sacred relic.

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