Farrakhan, Leader Of Islam: “I’m Here For Messiah To Destroy Civilization”

Farrakhan: I'm here for Messiah to 'Destroy Civilization'

Louis Farrakhan, fiery Nation of Islam leader, said in an hour-long radio sit-down with Rock Newman that he “represents the messiah that has come to end this civilization.”

He also accused the Jews of having mass control over Hollywood, the media and the banking system and called on fellow believers to boycott Christmas – at least, the spending part – in order to send a strong message to white and Jewish America about the need to share the pain of the black community.

Farrakhan first cited Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to strike back at those who inflict injury with economic withdrawal and said: “So we decided we’re not going to participate in spending our money on Christmas.”

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He clarified his followers would still celebrate the reason for Christmas – Jesus – but not participate in the national economy.

“We intend to bring Jesus to the forefront and let the Caucasian that comes down from the North Pole take himself and his eight reindeer and go on back because we’re not setting our little black boys and girls on your lap asking you for what we want,” he said, in the radio interview. “We’re going to hold our dollars and put them in our pocket … every day from here to the end of the year. We’re not buying from you. … We need to redistribute the pain that we’re feeling. … We’re going to honor Christ in the way he should be honored and keep our money in our pocket.”

Farrakhan spoke on a variety of issues, including President Obama – and Obama’s campaign denouncement of him – and the problem of white and Jewish supremacy.

On the first, host Newman asked: “[Obama] denounced you before the world, and that made you feel how?”

Farrakhan replied: “There’s always a bigger picture. When we look in the mirror of life and only see ourselves, we’re vain. … I always try to see what is the bigger picture. Barack Obama was the bigger picture. If he did not denounce me, under the prodding of Mrs. Clinton, who’s getting hers now, he would never have been president. … So I kept my quiet and told people around me don’t even address it. .. I am who I am and his denunciation of me didn’t hurt me but it said you do what you have to do to go where you want to go.”

Farrakhan also said Obama, whom he referred to as akin to “a protype of the messiah,” was good for America in the respect he was a black man who rose to national prominence to assume the highest political office in the land, and in so doing, gave others in the black community the ability to dream big. But he also said Obama has failed in many respects.

“We would be deluded to think that a man selected and elected would be the solution to our problems,” he said. “President Obama did not run on a black program. He’s not the leader of black people. He’s a black person who’s elected to be the leader of America … He should do more to create a better environment for black advancement in America.”

Farrakhan then moved into criticisms of what he described as a white and Jewish supremacy problem in America.

“People are saying we got to take America back. Take it back from whom? … Who owns America? … Here you have a small population of Jewish in America, but they’re most powerful.”

He cited three on the Supreme Court, the U.S. media, Hollywood and the banking industry by way of examples.

Farrakhan then said: “What am I? I am that man that represents the messiah who has come to end this civilization and that’s why they want nobody to have anything to do with Farrakhan. But I’m here. … And I told you [Jewish rabbi leaders] before, that you could get the government and all your influence against me but as long as I stand on truth and stand with God I will be the winner whether you like it or not.”

Newman asked him a question posed from a Facebook follower about the definition of justice, and how to get justice from the “evil empire.”

And Farrakhan’s reply?

Examine this issue more closely, with “Muslim Brotherhood,” “Everlasting Hatred,” and “Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist.”

“The nature of the people we’re asking don’t have it in them to give us justice. That’s why were not asking … when God told Pharoah let my people go, he didn’t just tell them let them go. There was an inherent threat. … I’m not naive nor am I stupid. You all have been begging for justice and jobs over and over and over again. God don’t want you integrating into the homes of your former masters. … Land will come to us brother.”

Farrakhan also promised at the outset of the interview he would never retire from his fight for justice.

“When I’m dead,” he said. “That’s when I’ll have some rest. … As long as our people are in the condition they’re in and ignorance pervades our community … and as the Bible says, my people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge, and God has blessed me with knowledge … I would betray God and betray my people to be found on a golf course or tennis course of some place of rest and relaxation when our people are dying in the streets. I don’t have any time for that. … I have to spend the rest of my time left making sure when God calls me in, there’s a young nation ready to take the promised land.”

Original Article: http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/farrakhan-im-here-for-messiah-to-destroy-civilization/#9z6OPkRUCJ8eBfpA.99


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