A Massive Fire Burns After Another Explosion Rocks Tianjin Warehouse


As regular readers are no doubt aware, a giant explosion at a chemical plant in the Chinese port of Tianjin in August made international headlines and became a source of controversy and social unrest after citizens began to wonder if the Communist party was trying to cover up rampant corruption that might have allowed the catastrophe to happen.

Once the environmental effects of the chemical dispersion (mass fish die-offs and cyanide rain) became apparent, the world became fascinated with explosions at Chinese chemical factories which, if the last month or so is any guide, happen all the time.

Well don’t look now, but there are reports of another explosion at Tianjin. Here’s more from CCTV:

According to the Tianjin Fire news, the evening of October 12 Beichen District Sai Town, one about 500 square meters of a warehouse fire. Cause of the fire is the raw material spill alcohol on fire, after spread to the entire warehouse. Currently, the fire has been reported off-site no casualties. (CCTV reporter Zhao Yao’s)

Daily news, according to the Tianjin Beichen District authorities, October 12 evening 10:30 or so, Beichen District Sai Town, an ammonia and alcohol or the document storage warehouse fire in and accompanied by an explosion, as of now no casualties were reported

And from RT:

A major fire broke out in a deposit in the Chinese city of Tianjin. The fire was caused by a leak of alcohol, reports the China People’s Daily newspaper.

And here are the visuals:

Original Article:http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-10-12/massive-fire-burns-after-another-explosion-rocks-tianjin-warehouse

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