Some Catholic Bishop’s Opinions Called “Conspiracy Theory” After Voicing Disapproval Of How Synod Is Being Handled

Pope Francis at St Peter's

Some conservative cardinals and bishops attending the Catholic Church’s World Synod of Bishops are crying foul.

Leaders are meeting at this annual to discuss various issues. But the conservative group has claimed the Synod was being “steered” by the General Secretary. There are complaints that the new way the synod is being handled favors liberals who want the church to embrace homosexuals and people who have divorced and remarried.

There were also rumors last year the synod was “rigged”.

At the end of the gathering, a special commission of ten people chosen by the pontiff will write the synod’s final document. But Australian cardinal George Pell suggested the ten member group should be expanded to include members from different regions. It is believed the pope’s picks are more liberal in their feelings on marriage and the family. Pope Francis did not respond to Pell’s comments, but Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri did not seem open to the suggestion, and explained that this year’s synod should instead be seen as a continuation of the 2014 synod.

Pope Francis said he wants the participants to seek God’s will for the Church. He urged the leaders not to give in to “the conspiracy theory”.
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