Study: Diet Full Of GMO Foods Deadly; Alters 4000 Genes In Liver And Kidneys

Study: Diet Full Of GMO Foods Deadly- Alters 4000 Genes In Liver And Kidneys

In a study entitled ““Long Term Toxicity of Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-Tolerant Genetically Modified Maize”,  once retracted then re-published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology, proves lab rats when dosed with low levels of “Roundup” herbicide sustain severe liver and kidney damage, in which 4,000 genes are permanently altered.

Will Monsanto be held responsible if Roundup is shown to be severely affecting the population?

A new study says humans are affected, and is foreboding.

“Published in the Environmental Health Journal,the new study suggests that even super low levels of Roundup exposure are deadly.

The study results showed that exposure to low-dose glyphosate concentrations, in an established laboratory animal toxicity model system, can result in liver and kidney damage, with potential significant health implications for people as well as our pets and wildlife populations.”

The new study finds that even glyphosate (the main ingredient in Round-Up’s crop resistant formula) which is found in our water, can cause this damage alone–the study used a far lower level of glyphosate than is found in our drinking water, in fact America has the highest levels of glyphosate in our water than most of the world.  Many say the run off of Roundup which is sprayed along highways and can run into our ground water, hence our levels are higher than other countries that do not utilize the chemical as much as Americans. (It also is the grim reaper of monarch butterflies–81% decline in monarchs when it is sprayed in their habitats).

Glyphosate is linked to autism, this is a controversial finding, but the rise in autism in America is staggering–also many blame vaccines given to infants–the amount and schedule of vaccines the first 18 months of life is 40 (this includes boosters.)  Fact is, infants today will grow up ingesting substances and being shot up with so many chemicals, so much more than 50 years ago–glyphosate ingestion is just one more thing that may result in damage to genes, and possibly be one of the culprits to forms of autism.

Dr. Michael Antoniou, and his team from King’s College London, did the “follow-up” study to Dr. Seralini’s two year study on rats exposed to Roundup.  Although the new study by Antoniou was attacked and ad-hoc articles written to suppress by the biotech industry, like the Genetic Literacy Project,  the study has real results by real Scientists from a reputable College.

With both Seralini and Antoniou’s work we now have more evidence that Roundup causes damage to the liver and kidneys. Despite this, and the numerous other findings, such as the recent news from Argentinathat children are suffering from genetic damage at heavily sprayed GM soy sites in the country, there has been no international move to heavily examine Roundup, and hold Monsanto accountable for its poisoning of the people.

There is something to the government’s obsession with shutting down small gardens grown by small operations, or even the family garden—yes this has become illegal in many states.  “Big Agriculture” wants Americans dependent on the sources of food you can choose from–Monsanto is a big player with deep pockets who can pay off corrupt officials–conspiracy or fact?  You be the judge.

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