At Least Two TV, Film Productions May Subliminally Warn Of Asteroid Impact Or Nuclear Strike In September



(INTELLIHUB) — Jerusalem Countdown, a fictional film, produced in 2011, directed by Herald Chronk, has some interesting, almost subliminal, messages embedded into its cinematography that may make the hair on the back of your neck stand up — that is if you’ve been following the rumored asteroid strike that’s said to take place this coming Sept. 23.

According to the film’s “Plot Summary” posted on IMDb, seven “nuclear weapons are smuggled into America” and a “FBI Agent” is forced to “find them before they are detonated.” Which is an interesting plot to say the least, but it gets all that much more stranger as you make it further into the film.

At one point a curious neighbor decides to investigate another neighbor’s home as he suspects him of smuggling weapons. The nosy neighbor completes this task by sending a locksmith over to open his neighbor’s house at night. During the scene the date, numbers, “09/23/09″ appear on a form behind the man’s ID and his fingers are even pointing right at it!

To further enforce this conspiracy theory contained herein, “we see two references to the nine-twenty-eight date.”, said the narrator on the YouTube video.

It’s a “reference to September 23rd”, the voice said.

The next sequence of numbers shown under the man’s ID are “fifteen and twenty” (“15 20″ or 2015.)

In the last scene of the movie the “Rapture” or “Apocalypse” unfolds, according to the voice, taking place on the very same night the numbers, dates, were shown.

Mark Ekawamai/YouTube

To make matters worse a TV show called Rewind, produced in 2013, also points to the date September 23.

The show, which aired on SyFi, depicts the “White House in a state of disorder” as a nuclear device in Manhattan is awaiting disarmament.

Oddly a timer in the film, counting down the Manhattan nuke to its detonation, shows shows “0:02:39″ or “two minutes and thirty-nine seconds until the bomb detonates.” The numbers contain a nine and twenty-three.

“The world’s coming to an end”, said a voice in the video.

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